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Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

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By Brent Wisener –

I am a business student at UC Riverside and I hope to own a business one day. I am currently enrolled in a Business Communications course and I had a very interesting first day of class.  My TA thought it would be a good icebreaker if we took turns telling the class about ourselves. He wanted us to tell our name, what year in college we were, and what our goals in life were.

About 48 out of the 50 students had life goals that were one of the following:

·         To graduate and get into a good grad school (MBA, Law, Medical, etc.)

·         To become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

·         To make a lot of money

·         To travel the world

Only two students, myself and Andy had life goals that strayed from the pack.  I told the class I wanted to make movies.

And Andy said “I want to create a product or service that could benefit society” Our TA responded “Well do you have any ideas, or are you working on anything” Andy “Nope, not yet” …and the class laughed.

So basically, what this sample of 50 2nd and 3rd year college students displayed is that 48 out of 50 students are tools. They are apathetic and have no real passion in life.

They may have a passion, like writing, music, art, but are too afraid to pursue it.  This high majority of students have become institutionalized and they have based their ‘life passion’ on their career goal. They are so heavily focused on getting a good career and extra degrees… …But what the hell do they plan to do with their career and degrees. Travel?  Reproduce? Work 50 hours a week?  Andy, the entrepreneur, was laughed at when he said he wanted to create something new.

Why did the students laugh?

Their laughter came from fear. People are afraid to walk out of the lines and blaze their own trail. They don’t want to step on a crack and break their back.  People laugh at what they don’t understand.

Society has taught the Y generation, (18-31 year olds), to go to college, go to grad school, work, have a family, vacation – then naturally we collect social security and Medicare.

There are no more cowboys - No risk-takers, no entrepreneurs, no out of the box thinkers.

Directed to the Y readers out there: Will a good-paying professional job quench your thirst for life? And, How will you better the world?

Brent Wisener is a 3rd year student at UCR.

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