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Qualities that shouldn’t be overlooked in the Pursue of Love: Part 2 of 2

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Richard O. Jones
Last week, I explain my reasoning the intelligent level of a prospective mate is important.

This week I will discuss the other two high quality attributes a good relationship needs.

Character is another often-overlooked trait. Good looks triumphs good character every time by the fool-hearted. Furthermore naive people believe that avid churchgoers are the epitome of good character.

The evidence of good character is what you do when people are not watching. People in present or past adulterous relationship are  without good character even if it was several years ago. Good or poor character is intrinsic to your being although you might have control over past carnal temptation, as an alcoholic is an alcoholic even if he or she has been sober for years. The same is true for lying, untrustworthiness, and stealing and other character betrayals.

Nobody is perfect, that is why the Bible says we all fall short to the glory of God. But that doesn’t mean you except people with active flaws or shun someone because of their past. Good character is a trait that is never compromised.  Values and Family Values should be highly important to you and your would-be intimate counterpart.

Make sure that you and your future mate have similar social compasses. Some people would put the concern or interest of the children or grandchildren behind that of a romantic interest.  This is another example of having substandard values. A biological child or grandchild is always your family; however a divorce can legally disconnect you from a husband or wife and the mere slam of the telephone can end a non-marital relationship. Most people have experienced lovers that have come and gone but the loyalty of their family is still reliable.

Furthermore, I feel it is unwise to cater to the insecurity or jealousy of anyone that tries to come between a person and their blood-related family provided the family member is not manipulating them.

Lover seekers should also observe that if one person would not sacrifice a dollar to feed the homeless but spend their last dollar on a video game their values are not compatible with a humanitarian.  Beauty fades but values are forever.

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