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Open Letter to the Editor

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There has been a series of e-mails attacking State Attorney General Jerry Brown’s appearance as guest of honor at a local fund-raiser on Thursday for SB District Attorney Mike Ramos. Other prominent County Democrats also attended, including Josie Gonzales and James Ramos.

Jerry Brown is quoted in today’s San Bernardino Sun as saying that “Mike Ramos is one of the best prosecutors in California. He is a real fighter.” It is not unusual for individuals in law enforcement to support each other across party lines in such a fashion.

A careful examination of the State Party Bylaws makes it clear that Mr.  Brown violated no state party rules. The office of the District Attorney is a nonpartisan office. The San Bernardino Co.

DCC has made no endorsement of a Democrat for this office. If we do so, our endorsement would then become the CDP’s endorsement. However, to my knowledge, no Democrat has announced that he or she is running for San Bernardino County DA, and in any event, we do not endorse candidates before the filing period ends. The filing period has not even opened – DA candidates will file next year for a November 2010 election.  A lot can happen between now and then.  On Friday, I received a phone call from Attorney General Jerry Brown. He wanted to know why the San Bernardino County Democratic Party wanted to take away his free speech rights. I explained to that the SBCDCC has no such intent, and that only one person, Sam Clauder, acting as an individual, had made a complaint to the California Democratic Party about Jerry Brown’s participation in the Mike Ramos fundraiser. The SBCDCC does not seek to curb Sam Clauder’s free speech rights, any more than we seek to curb Jerry Brown’s free speech rights.  Sam Clauder is a member of the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee, but he is not authorized to be a spokesperson for the SBCDCC.  We have enough to attend to, without letting this controversy divert us from our mission of registering more Democrats, and electing more Democrats to public office. We have six endorsed candidates on the November ballot for local, nonpartisan offices. Our time and energy should be spent supporting Irene Hernandez Blair, Lina Montes, Marcus Houston, Dennis Baxter, Virginia Marquez, and David Raley.

We must also keep in mind the imperative of electing a Democratic Governor in 2010. At this point, none of us knows who the Democratic nominee will be. We need to keep our eyes on the prize, register more Democrats, elect our endorsed candidates, and put a Democrat in the Governor’s office next year.

In his most recent e-mail on October 3, claiming that Jerry Brown’s action is “treason to Democrats everywhere,” Sam Clauder quotes himself as saying “Politics is war. War is hell. The only rule is: There are no rules. Except the ones you to choose to play by. These rules can, and will be suspended, without further notice.” Such sentiments sound like the philosophy of the prior national Republican administration.

They are certainly not the philosophy of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party today.

Carol Robb


Dear Editor,

I want to endorse Pat Morris for Mayor. First you should know as president of the board of the Home and Neighborly Service, I used to sign Jim Penman’s excuses when he was in law school. He was there so he’d have a place to stay. He was a scout master but he was straight out of Mississippi. He always knew where he wanted to go and would step on anyone to get there. I remember when he saw (former city attorney) Ralph Prince’s job and went after it. Penman is not Mayor material. I have known Pat Morris for years, I used to go sit in his courtroom so he couldn’t see me, to watch him was wonderful. He was tough as nails; treated people so they would understand the seriousness of their situation.  They would become different people when he finished with them. Morris is a thinker not a schemer and I pick Morris over anyone else.

Charlie Seymour

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