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Qualities that shouldn’t be overlooked in the Pursuit of Love -- Part 1 of 2

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Richard O. Jones
The lack of pursuing the proper qualities in intimate relationships leads to temporal marriages and affairs. Many solo seniors while choosing mates use standards set forth in high school. I am astounded when I read the prerequisites men and women put into their profiles for future mates on online dating sites. It seems that most are holding out for someone with financial wherewithal, good looks and physically fit. Love seekers often dismiss the qualities about a person that truly makes them a good investment. Without certain higher-level qualities the size of your bank account, or length of your hair do not matter. The quintessential qualities most overlooked are character, intelligence, and values in lieu of physical and material attributes.

These qualities must be present in order for a couple to experience longevity. Too much difference in intelligence is the beginning of being unevenly yoked. Intelligence has to do with reasoning, logic, and behaving age appropriate. A friend told me that he was in a supermarket and an attractive older woman smiled at him for a third time. As he was about to approach, she suddenly stretched to reach something from a shelf and her blouse drifted up exposing a tattoo protruding above her waistline.  He knew immediately that they were incompatible because he didn’t believe an intelligent woman her age would tattoo herself.

Intelligence is not limited to academic knowledge but also how well you can envision, solve, create, and comprehend. An illiterate person can be more intelligent that a scholar. Therefore educational level is not as much a glue of your intelligence as smoking, drug use, promiscuity, obesity, and other hazardous lifestyles are glues to a lack thereof. However, according to a documentary on Mensa (an

exclusive club for people with high IQs), it is highly unlikely that two people would have a compatible long-term relationship if their IQs are separated by 15 points or more because higher IQ person would have the view life of an eagle in flight while the other will foster the view of a duck crossing the road.

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