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Justice Must be Served

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By Sid Jain

It is high time that we call people who run major corporations and run for political offices, a new moniker: thieves. These people in power have brain-washed the common folk into believing their lies, and accepting that it is their way or else.

When we think of robbers, usually we think of someone holding up a gas station or a local convenience store. This image has been ingrained in us thanks to the media and shows like “Cops” and the local 10 p.m.  news. Due to the media sensation that ensues over trivial crimes, politicians have rallied behind these stories to get laws passed that are harsher and often less effective in deterring crime.

If you think about it, these “petty” thieves often don’t make away with a whole lot of loot, and often are doing it as a desperate measure. At the same time, the heads of companies are already millionaires thanks to their compensation packages. Yet, they consistently want more, and often pay politicians to loosen rules and barriers in order to make a quick buck. It makes sense that many in the upper echelon can just skirt the rules and subsequent punishment, because they control almost everything.

Often times, the lawmakers and judges that enforce laws run in the same circles as the CEOs and Tycoons. How can you be an independent lawmaker or judge when the person who is being tried may be your friend? We have all heard or read scandals involving a two-tiered system in which an “upstanding member of society” gets off with a lighter sentence for a crime than is deserved or normally administered.  Here in Southern California, especially here at UCR, we pride ourselves in being a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial society.  Unfortunately, that’s not how the country or the “system” thinks of the population. The courts and lawmakers make the fight into an “us vs. them” situation, when in reality we should all be treated equally and fairly. If someone has committed a crime, they should receive a sentence that is fitting and generally administered, and no leniency should be granted because someone is an “upstanding citizen” or has “given back to the community.” The leaders of companies who have taken us, the taxpayers, for hundreds of billions of dollars should be called out for what they are.They have done more harm to us and our country than any robber could do.

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