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Heads Of Lettuce In A Vault

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Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.
At no time sinceAfrican American slavery have Struggling Black Americans carefully assessed thescope of what is going on in their world or within themselves as to who theyare; why they are like they are; where they are and why; where they want to goand why; what is being done to them and why; and the best way of getting out oftheir daily trials and tribulations.  Hence,their great intellect, talents, and “genes” of their brilliant Ancient AfricanAncestors have remained dormant and hidden behind self-defeating thoughts, emotions,expressions, and habits.  The originatingcausal essence is that evil and sadistic captors created in the minds of mostSlaves layers of self-defeating coverings around the Real Self of eachindividual.

Together, those layers(like leaves of a head of lettuce) were placed inside a vault called delusions (i.e.believing what is not real and not believing what is real).

The resultant “Head oflettuce inside a vault” was added to by post-slavery racism that has persisted throughouta “Ghetto Tunnel” into today’s inner cities. In my book:

“Special Minds” Among StrugglingBlack Americans I related 100 mental barriers each youth possesses that preventthem from rising above poverty. Each “leaf” represents a barrier which hampers astruggling youth from receiving constructive academic information.  The delusional leaves as well as eachdelusional part of their physical and emotional self-preservation andself-protection need replacement.

After 25 years ofintense research I am satisfied that what keeps struggling Black youth from risingout of poverty is failing to use the appropriate parts of their Left Brain(hence an under-development of their foresight and forethought) and theover-use of an undisciplined Right Brain. Both are survivals from slavery.Instead, they persistently operate out of the Omnibus portion of their Ancient Brain(which is anti-academic). I also strongly believe the remedy is for them todevelop skills in critical and rational thinking—and to that end I have written fivebooks.

However, thatinformation is too involved because the youth who need it the most areunwilling to work as hard to develop their minds as they do to become athletes.This is not to say anythingagainst their intelligence because, after mentoring Black youth for decades, Ifind them to be very intelligent. The problem is: “How to get into their headsto fix the problems?” and hence I call on good-hearted Black adult mentors forhelpful ideas for getting youth eager to improve their lot in life. Whateverthe method, it must be easily teachable to mentees and mentors.

A relatively simplemethod is a modification of that to which Socrates’ name is attached. Step I isto ask questions that will activate the Boys Left and Right Brain/minds inrealms outside of “survival” and of a “live for the day” mentality. Step II isto get the Boys to look at theirbelief system and character from the perspective of “picking them apart” so asto spotlight the flaws or whatever is self-defeating. Step III is to become aware of what causedthese “Heads of Lettuce” to be placed in a vault— an aspect that necessarilyaddresses Europeans. Step IV is for their minds to become sufficiently free asto be in contact with their Real Selves and that will allow them to be open tothe Dream in which their purpose in life is contained. Step V is to design thedots that connect where they are with their Dream and show them how to reachit. Part of this process is helping each youth discover and develop his/hertalent.

Still, nothing will happen until mentors hold their mentee’s handas he moves forward. If today’s BlackAmericans reach back into their “race-memory” they will discover this Socraticprocess would reproduce what their Ancient African Ancestors did. Also back then the belief was that every newborn required the help ofall members of the village in order for that newborn to get started on the pathto pursuing his/her purpose in life—a purpose assigned by that newborn’sguiding spirits. In turn, the youth’s work product would “flower and fruit” thecommunity.

website: www.jablifeskills.com

Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

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