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The Streets: Road to a Dead End (1 of 6 parts)

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Richard O. Jones
The streets are developing our young men into a perpetual underclass.  While Black women today are soaring with ambition and earning college degrees the males are embracing a street mentality. Black men are the only men on earth that are less educated than their women and Black women are tired of downplaying their intelligence to appease his ego. These days fewer young educated Black women are willing to settle for a hustler or thug when professional men from other races find them attractive. It is one thing for a woman to stand beside her man who have fallen but it’s a totally different matter to expect a mature intelligent woman to choose a man who has aspired to risk his life and freedom with criminal activity. Women primarily go to college for two reasons, (1) for an education and (2) in hopes of finding a professional man.

However, on the college campuses of America, Black men are conspicuously missing. Where are the eligible men? On the average he’s either risking prison, already in prison, just got out of prison, in a drug program, or shacking with a single mother or living with his mama and/or a slave to dependency.  The streets is a culture admired by too many. The Black movies glamorize street-life. The street thugs on the screen enrapture Black youth, which flock to movies at a disproportionately high rate. Many leave the theater with the fantasy to emulate the guys on the screen with the cars, jewelry, and beautiful women.

They’re bombarded with the message that selling drugs is the answer to their dreams. The discipline of getting a good education is a distraction to the fantasy. The ‘Street’ deceives asinine Black males into the shunning education and embracing criminality.

While the lure of crime is attractive criminal activity only increases the prospect of a future behind bars.  According to the California Department of Corrections, most convicts are between eighteen and twenty-five years old. This age group, medical experts say, is at their sexual peak. Incarcerated young men squander away their youth and their future, while free educated professional males prosper.

The street is only job security for those aspiring to the Criminal Justice System as a career. The street provides long careers for parole and probation officers. The prison industry is immensely enriched by the dreams of Black ‘street’ youth. Prison officials are assured that Black drug dealers, pimps, and gangsters will fill the prison cells. Criminal defense lawyers become rich because of the ‘street’ mentality. Bail bondsmen love the ‘street’. Funeral directors live to bury the ‘street’ dreamers.  However, the street mentality is a burden to taxpayers in too many ways to list.

That’s the problem, what’s the solution? There’s no quick painless solution to heal the wounds. Many Good Samaritan groups treat the wounded. However, many will succumb to social suicide. I would like to salvage the children who are willing to be salvaged. What are you willing to do? Our youth need mentors with godly hearts, sound minds, and productive ideas. I am only one mentor and you are only one concerned citizen but together we are a beginning. Look what Jesus Christ did with only twelve.


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