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Parenting With And Without Godly Principles: Part 3 of 4

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Richard O. Jones
Children should be our most cherished responsibility. Yet, many are more neglected than old cars and run down houses. When a young child has a chronic behavior problem it’s no more the fault of the child than an oil leak is the fault of the car. In most cases, one or both parents have neglected exercising (not preaching) of God, the Word Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, (parents) provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I ask, where are the responsible fathers today?

Parents must stop being opposed to parenting classes. It is not a sin to seek help, guidance from a more experienced and wiser person. Don’t consult with a parent with a house full of bad children about what you should do. Nor should you consult with a person who has been married a bunch of times or never had a longterm happy non-adulterous relationship about your marriage problems.  Satan is out to destroy the children and a good parent will not remain in a sinful lifestyle while their children are lured to damnation. Many frightened and spiritually weak parents put too much faith in the preacher and not enough in the Word that the preacher is suppose to represent. One of the biggest mistakes Christian parents make is not learning to spiritually stand up on their own. Every pastor in the pulpit is not a good pastor.  The Bible warns in Jeremiah 12:10 and Matthew 7:15 that many pastors are fruitless and reckless. Although many of them are great teachers, preachers, and godly men and women but the point is you must know how to apply God’s Word for yourself. When a single parent is totally dependent on a role model or community leader to guide their children into strong moral conscientiousness, their children are standing on shaky ground. Human role models are vulnerable to the world. Jesus Christ must become the role model of your children. Show me a child’s role model and I’ll show you the mindset of that child. Too many young people have celebrity role models instead of a professional upright family or community member. If the Hip-Hop culture were a bottle of children’s vitamins, the pharmaceutical company would be facing a class action lawsuit because a disproportionate number of users are suffering in school and becoming incorrigible …and that’s the bottom line.

It is imperative that single parents take responsibility. However, to do so you must not limit yourself to praying. Praying is a verb and a verb is an action word. Obtain a Bible that you can understand. Study it and read it with your children while your children are small. Explain the Bible stories to your children and point out to them real life illustrations of God and of Satan. When a parent is serious about the welfare and safety of their child they are willing to make drastic changes in their lives. After a parent has prayed for a change, he or she must get off his or her knees and take action. The change must always start with the parent. The parent must ask this question. Is there anything in my life that is a poor example for my children? Remember this, all teachers are not parents but all parents are teachers. Proverbs 30:17 Correct thy son (child) and he shall give thee rest yea; he shall give delight unto thy soul.



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