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Parenting With And Without Godly Principles -- Part 2 of 4

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Richard O. Jones
Being a godly responsible parent is a major accomplishment. To casually bring children into the world without the ability to love and provide for them is reckless and immature.  The most ungodly couple can conceive a child. Society often says its the parents’ responsibility to raise and properly teach their children.  However the Bible says in Matthew 7:18-20: A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that brings not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.  Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them. Therefore, if the parents don’t have the Word of God in them, it’s a good chance the child will lack in that area. According to my practical application of Matthew 7:18-20, to produce better fruit (child) you must first become a better tree (parent).  When a child begins his or her life with a single parent they often begin life with a social handicap. Yet most parents take a sense of pride in the fact that they’re parents. The pride, if any, should come after the parent demonstrates their parenting skills, not their fertility. Parents come in many categories just as automobile drivers do. There are safe drivers and there are reckless drivers, drunk drivers, suspended license drivers, and those asleep at the wheel. Many parents are reckless and put society at risk as a result of their poor parenting skills. Why do citizens angrily attack everybody for the misbehavior of a young gang member but fail to confront the parent? Some children in the same family have a pattern of prison or suspension from school but nobody says the parents need help and offer good intervention before it’s too late. All drive-by shooters were babies once, some still are.  Conscientious parents know their children. The problem is that too many parents protect their wrongdoing children at the expense of society.  Some minors drive cars before they’re old enough to get a driver’s license. Many girls become mothers before they’re legally old enough to consent to a sexual relationship.  Many boys become fathers before obtaining their first job. However, unlicensed drivers can legally buy a car just as ungodly, irresponsible teenagers and adults can legally raise their children. Young men or women who live reckless lives then become parents are the root of the current social problem facing the plight of children today and tomorrow. A child born to an uneducated, wayward and/or godless parent has a steep climb ahead of him or her.

A newborn baby and a new car have traits in common. When a brand new car is driven off the showroom floor it’s usually in mint condition.  The new automobile owner is proud.  There are no dents, no cracked windshields, the tires are new, it’s clean, everything is working properly and there’s no interior damage.

Depending on the owner, the car may continue in mint condition for the next twenty-five years. This owner followed the owner’s manual that came with the new car. The car was given proper care. The owner provided the car with regular oil changes, tune-ups, and general maintenance.  On the other hand, another twentyfive year old car in the hands of an irresponsible owner would be in poor condition. The irresponsible car owner has nothing to be proud of.  The condition of an older car reveals a lot about the owner just as the spiritual and moral condition of an adolescent child reveals a lot about the parent(s). The same analogy can be made with a new house. Anybody can own a house but not everyone takes good care of his or her house.

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