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Parenting With And Without Godly Principles -- Part 1 of 4

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Richard O. Jones
Single parenting is not necessarily a parent without a partner. I consider a single parent to be the parent performing the majority of the child rearing responsibilities without hands-on support from their spouse.  This is often because the emotionally absent parent is married to his or her job. In some cases an out-of-home parent is enlisted in the military.  Therefore, the custodial parent is virtually a single parent. It is not rare that a parent may reside in the home but is grossly irresponsible.

Whatever the case, with or without a partner, being a successful single parent is greatly enhanced with prayer and the Holy Spirit, because a child with one parent is at a greater social risk. According to the U.S.

Department of Criminal Justice 70% of all prisoners are products of single parent households. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Criminal Justice doesn’t keep statistics on how many of these 70% strayed away from God. However, from my observation and experience, I am comfortable reporting that at least 98% of the men and women in prison, jail, or living an undesirable lifestyle has strayed away from the good teaching of the Bible.

You don’t have to be an expert to look at the bottom line. Skip all the in between stuff, all the psychologist reports, and resort to good old fashion commonsense. If people that reside in the mountains live on an average of 100 years and people that reside in the valley live an average of 60 years, your commonsense would tell you to move to higher ground. If a certain Ford automobile has 50% fatalities in head-on collisions but a certain Chevrolet had only 2% fatalities in similar collisions your commonsense would kick in and cause you to trade in your Ford for a Chevy, that’s the bottom line. If Rap music were an automobile it would have been recalled years ago. The message that it spews and the fatalities that follow cannot be denied. More lovers of the music are incarcerated, dead or uneducated than they are in high places of government or corporate America. On the other hand 90% of those who faithfully follow the Holy Bible are successful in their careers, family life, and community leadership… and that’s the bottom line.

However, parent shouldn’t beat their children over the head with the Bible by quoting scriptures and praying out loud at every crisis. Children need a godly parent, not a live-in evangelist. Teaching children properly is not a Sunday event; it’s a lifestyle and is set my example. The church cannot successfully influence a child in a manner that contradicts their home environment. Nothing has more impact on a child than their home life. The schoolteacher is not there to raise the child and tell them how to dress. Their role is to teach academically. Yet, teachers have more trouble out of parents who would allow their children to dress in a distracting and disruptive manner rather than insist that they conform to the standards and status quo, which would propel the education process in a progressive manner. School is not a fashion show.

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