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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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Juanita Barnes

Moreno Valley what a special and wonderful time to be among the living, ”History, History.” As I look back over my life and remember all that we have gone through to get where we are today, We made it by standing on a lot of shoulders. Even though I marched and have helped to be in a lot of first time things myself, this for me is the ultimate.  Lord I’m thankful. I have a lot to but I chose to hear from others. The first one is my 32-year-old niece from Fontana, Deaquinita Hill: For me President Obama is a step into the future, a positive, bright, hopeful future for this Country and the world. Not only do I have great pride in our president but my pride in this country has grown.  As a Black woman it has always saddened my heart to see a Black man put in the public eye, then stripped and humiliated due to bad decisions. I think President Obama will be a positive role model for all men, but especially for Black men.  President Obama’s strength, honesty and know how have shined through time and time again. I hope this rubs off on the youth of the world. When confronted with tough issues and tough times, he does not beat around the bush nor does he act like he has the answers to everything. He wants the people of this country to take responsibility and to be more hands on with regenerating and pushing toward the continuous growth of this country to ensure we have a future. I appreciate his honesty and the openness.

Mr. William Barr and his wife Lilly of Moreno Valley are civic leaders of our city. Mr. Barr said:

“DARE TO DREAM AND HELP CHANGE THE WORLD.” Here we are in 2009, witnessing the greatest change America have ever seen, the Inauguration of the 44th president of the United States. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech should have been an inspiration to all Americans, but especially for African Americans. However, many of us dare to dream and act on them. Doctor Robert Schuller wrote: ”whatever the mind perceives and believes one can achieve.”

The scripture tells us that we must have faith but first we must believe and through faith we can achieve. The stage has been set and reset, the most honorable position in America will now be occupied by an African American. Everything should be fine in two thousand nine. How many of us (Americans) above the age of 35 or better yet, how many of us thought we would see an African American president in our lifetime? Praise GOD for America and our president Barack Obama.

Now that we have elected him, we must remain diligent in our support to help bring about a change for a better America.

My granddaughter Lillian Ingram spent most of her life in the Moreno Valley area and now lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. She had this to say: For eight years we have lost. It is time for peace in America and I have faith in what GOD will do with the Obama family. I never paid attention to the political race, because honestly since the beginning of my life 33 years ago nothing ever changed. If not, change got worse and worse with every election. This time we made the right choice. Change and hope are closer in our reach.  My prayer for tomorrow is that JESUS lead and guide president Obama in the right direction, I pray that he gives him wisdom, knowledge and understanding on the issues he will face. I ask that He help him make right decisions during the most difficult times and crisis. I also pray that He lead and guide all of his cabinet members and members in his administration in the right direction. All these things and more I ask in JESUS name. I also ask for love, peace, joy, health, hugs, and hope!

Last but not least, President Obama following Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream. He
was a man who saw a dream upon a mountaintop he had to walk so others wouldn’t forget. His is a voice of truth that can never be silenced. As our renewed Spirit and our dream has brought us to the mountaintop, we all can say: “YES WE CAN.”

Be Blessed

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