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New Year’s Resolution: Help Someone Else Overcome a Bad Habit

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Richard O. Jones
This is the time of year when many Americans pledge New Year Resolutions.

Among the more common are to: quit smoking, lose weight, become more spiritual, and/or spend more time with family.

However, before the beginning of spring, most of the pledges have been abandoned.

However, this year, I suggest that more people pledge to encourage and help others through their personal bump in the road.

For years, I have watched a lot of gospel programs on television and visited many churches. I have noticed that many noted men and women of the cloth have a “from pain to gain” testimony. These ministers speak openly from the pulpit about their former bumps in the road such as: drug addiction, prison terms, alcoholism, habitual gambling, promiscuity, overeating, etc.
They use their past to inspire others to overcome their vices. Their message seems to be, “If God did it for me - He will do it for you!”

Many successful businesspeople, celebrities, and single mothers have written books and/or speak openly about their “from pain to gain” experiences. They speak of their experiences with homelessness, being a welfare recipient, joblessness, hunger, and low self-esteem. Their message to others is not to give-up on themselves.

It occurs to me that nearly everyone has been through some tragedy or near tragic situations. There is a hero in each of us that has overcome something that could have been a tragic ending. Cancer survivors, sexual molestation survivors, and survivors of various diseases and/or crippling disabilities can become an inspiration to someone in need of a hero. Each can help guide
another into the right path of behavior or attitude.

As for myself, I feel qualified and energized to help any individual struggling with an alcohol and/or marijuana habit. My experience with alcohol and marijuana began when I was 17 years old and ended 20 years later. Today it has been over 24 years since I have had a drink of alcohol or smoked marijuana.

My New Year’s Resolution is to be available to encourage an individual in his or her New Year’s Resolution to obtain long-term marijuana and/or alcohol free living. I urge everyone that want to see their New Year’s Resolution last longer that a few weeks, pledge to use their past experience, of at least five years of being free ofa particular vice, to help someone else.

Email: richardojones1@verizon.net

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