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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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Juanita Barnes
John Piper wrote about “Feeling Our Need For A Savior” The first reason: is that the more keenly we feel our need for a Savior, the more precious will be the coming of the Savior. The second reason: for remembering our great need for a Savior is that the word of God Commands us to.

Ephesians 2:1-10 describes how God saved us by Grace through faith when there was a time bomb of sin ticking in our soul Verse 11 commands, “Therefore remember!” Remember what? Verse 12 tells us : Remember that you were at that time separated from Christ, alienated from common wealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and
without God in the world. “But the key word practically speaking, is “Remember."

Where Dreams Soar

Moreno Valley, long time resident Mrs. Mamie Ruth Masters was called home November 24, 2008. I always called her Ruth. She was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and good friend. She loved her family and helping people and will be greatly missed. To the family hold on to
your faith and Billy I’m praying for you a speedy recovery.

We also had a homegoing service and a great celebration for my mentor and teacher of our Mothers Ministry Ms. Victoria Johnson. Ms. Vicky, as I called her, came in thirteen months ago and started teaching a group of seasoned women.

You would have thought that we were in our fifties but we were in the age group of sixties to eighties. This powerful woman of God empowered us and we learned so much from her. But most of all, we knew that she loved us so much and always wanted the best for us. We are staying focused that we may carry on what she has taught us. God took Ms. Vicky through so much to come quickly and teach us what to do in the kingdom. We will miss her but we will see
her in the morning. To Ms. Vicky thank you for your beautiful smile, your love, for feeding us, then burping us, and then giving us our legs so that we may run for the master.

For those of you that have not been out on the 60 freeway we have some new things going on. At Nason Street we have some exciting stores: Super Target, Kohls, OfficeMax, Best Buy, Jack in the Box, Chili’s, PFF Bank & Trust See’s Candies, Visterra Credit Union, Super WalMart and
many more. Go out and shop and save.

While reading The Carolinian, a Black newspaper in North Carolina, in my father in-laws barbershop, I read this: “LOVE IS WHERE THE HEART IS.” The human heart beats more than 100,000 times a day – except on Valentine’s Day, when it skips a beat when hit by Cupid’s arrow. The heart – universal symbol of love – is the most popular icon on Hallmark Valentine’s
cards. Although Americans brought the love of hearts from England and Europe, the roots of the design goes back 20,000 years. A heart was found on a painting of a mammoth in caves of Cro-Magnon man, and nearly every ancient religion and culture has embraced the shape. During the middle ages, people believed the heart was the organ that controlled emotion. Today
people describe feelings in terms of hearts: “broken heart, “heart –throb,” my heart stopped,” “know in my heart,” “heart breaker,” “heart to-heart,” “key to my heart,” “cross my heart,” “gave away my heart.” etc. I Want To Wish You A Merry Christmas From The Bottom Of My Heart.

Be Blessed

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