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Teaching Valuable Lessons During the Holidays

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Richard O. Jones
The holiday season is always a prosperous time for certain businesses regardless of the high unemployment rate and hard times for the nation. The businesses that thrive during the end of every year are the ones that specialize in the aftermath of criminal activity such as funeral homes, bail bondsmen, and criminal defense attorneys.

Even the jails and prisons are assured job security during the holidays because of the fresh parade of convicts marching shackled and single file through their corridors.
The high rate of criminal activity during the holidays is a result of too many people believing that love must be demonstrated through the giving of expensive material things. City and county jails see many first time female arrestees that prostituted themselves for the sake of fulfilling their children’s Christmas list. The courts see a heavier load of first time male robbery suspects
that wanted their family to have a Merry Christmas.

Unfortunately, too many Americans raise their families with no other information about Christmas other than Christmas means toys and exchanging gifts. When tough times strike these people are the most depressed because they feel that their worth is in what they receive.

For this reason mental health professionals also see an increase in their business to help holiday burden carriers overcome loneliness, depression and suicidal tendencies.

Also many people, especially parents, husbands and/or boyfriends, feel that unless they can give a certain amount they are a failure.

Although the economy is going through  rough times with no end in sight that’s no reason not to enjoy a wonderful holiday season. Most of us grew up receiving material gifts as expressions of love. As adults many tend to think that the lack of a gift is the lack of love.

Unfortunately these are the same values many passed on the to generation that followed and that generation did likewise.

Society at large is a victim of mass commercialism, which is at its height during the holidays.

This is the season to begin to give love, charity, and kindness without expecting a material reward in return. Give the gift of your time with someone whether is it a stranger, friend, relative or neighbor. Rake and mow a yard or clean a garage for no charge as a show of holiday spirit.

Take your children to a mission, shelter, or charitable organization to volunteer in some
capacity such as serving food or reading magazines to the illiterate. Make bag lunches and pass them out to seemingly hungry or homeless people in deprived areas. If you a can afford it, put a few dollars in each bag. Sing or entertain at a convalescent home or hospital. There are hundreds of creative activities that you can partake that would take you and/or your children
through the holidays without spending a lot or expecting a lot but still have a wonderful time.

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