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Obama Serves As An Example To Minors And Their Single Parents

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Richard O. Jones
Since the presidential election of Senator Barack Obama, many Black parents,
especially urban single parents, have acquired restored hope for their children that cannot be disputed not even by the most cynical flame-fanning Black leaders.

Sixty or seventy years ago, many felt they’ve done their job if their child got through high school, entered adulthood without a criminal record, and secured a regular paycheck. They acknowledged that working on a good job, even though you were limited and underpaid, was a great improvement over their not too distant ancestors.

Black youths several decades ago were discouraged and possessed little hope of achieving the proverbial American dream.

Even when they landed a good job, they were seldom were given an equal opportunity for advancement. This lead many Blacks to drop out of school and turn to a road promising faster and more profitable hustling lifestyle as depicted in the Black exploitation movies of the 60s and 70s.

Others sought the coveted and lucrative field of entertainment and sports but ever decreasing number sought higher education primarily because of engrained paranoia of racial discrimination.

The trend of discouragement went from one generation to the next with parents at their wits end to get their children to appreciate the value of education before they become adults and snared by the mindset trap of hopelessness.

I echo what Michelle Obama when she said, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country.” I too am finally and totally proud of America; although I’m glad nobody blasted SAY IT LOUD, I’M BLACK AND PROUD by James Brown during Obama victory speech.

President-elect Barak Obama has given parents a new tool to fight inherited racial paranoia that lures youths away from developing to their fullest potential. Black children can now see good education and high moral standards, and not street life, as a path to greatness. Although there have been and are thousands of past and present examples of Black high achievers, none is
more indisputable that the platform of our 44th president. Many Blacks found excuses
to belittle or flatly not acknowledge the success of other Blacks because of their political views, religion, and/or Black on Black bigotry. Unfortunately, such lack of appropriate acknowledgements might have caused younger Blacks not to admire certain top-level Black government officials, professionals, scholars, and CEOs, as role models but sought celebrities with more artistic talent and/or brawn as opposed to intellect.

Perhaps the example of Obama would make it less taxing for parents to encourage their children to dress appropriately, study harder, flee negativity, unprepared parenthood, and other social detriments that compromise their acceptance into the real world of power and leadership.

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