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Forgiveness Does Not Exempt You From Consequences

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Richard O. Jones
When you apologized as a child by saying the single word “sorry” your parents
often waived your punishment and allowed you to return to your recreation.

You parents might have said, after you finally apologized, “That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now you
can go back outside and play.” All was forgiven without consequences.

Unfortunately, many adults still believe that once they apologize, everything goes back to normal. They expect the same no-penalty-forgiveness they received as a child. To forgive only implies that someone agrees not to carry a grudge against you, your debts are erased, or your wrongdoing is excused.

However your dirty deeds are not erased from memory. As in bankruptcy, your debts are forgiven but your bad credit rating will follow you. Thus your bad credit rating is your consequences.

When you are truly forgiven, your past will not be brought up and held against you in the future. Such forgiveness only occurs in the Bible. The Bible says that our sins are cast into the sea of forgetfulness. Believers in Jesus Christ are forgiven of all their sins over and over again when they ask God for forgiveness. However, spiritual forgiveness assures that you are saved from damnation not that your life on earth will be without consequences for your wrongs. There’s a
biblical principle that you shall reap what you sow.

In society forgiveness comes with a shadow of guilt that will follow you forever.
Since society doesn’t have a heaven or hell to send you to, society must hold you accountable in the here and now. People with a history of drug use or felony convicts should not blame society for not putting them in trustworthy positions.

Forgiveness in society does not equal to forgetfulness. Jesus Christ will not remind you of your pre-saved past but society is not so inclined. Forgiveness in society merely means, we will not stone you to death or carry a grudge but until you prove yourself – keep you distance. This is
because your past is where your reputation was built. And society will always hold you
accountable to the reputation that you created.

Saying I’m sorry in a sincere manner is only the first step towards being truly forgiving but you still have a ways to go.

When your child does wrong and you decide to punish him or her, the fact that they apologize is to their advantage and it may get the some leniency but it shouldn’t stop you from going forward with some form of consequences or you’re lacking as a responsible parent.

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