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The Arrogance Of European “Classics”

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Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.
Since Europeans teach to all cultures of the world that works of Art from different cultures and historical periods can be ranked in order of superiority and value, to arrogantly state classical Greek to be "superior" is foolishness. A work judged by European experts to be of the highest nature (i.e. approximating the perfection of the classical Greeks and Romans) becomes a classic of Western civilization (Kohl, A to Z p6, 7). Knowledge of Western Classics-to the exclusion of African or Asiatic works-is considered by Europeans to be a necessity for an educated person. Hence, their almost exclusive inclusion in educational curriculums is automatic. By being exposed to Western literary composition standards, as if they are the best, delusions are generated in Colored and White people of all cultures who attend Western ‘educational' classes. These standards are imitated in subject-matter (e.g. Greek legends) and in form (by the adoption of genres like tragedy, epic, ode, or verse satire) and thereby encage minds. Particularly influential in generating world-wide delusions about European Classics were the writings of Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835), a Prussian minister of education. He falsely portrayed ancient Greece as a miraculous fount of creativity that was not influenced at all by Asiatic and African sources. Europeans then declared it to be superior to all other prior human expressions.

But to illustrate the fallacy of these lies and the esteem that Renaissance European males had for the brilliance of Ancient African "Classics" let us pick up the story when Cosimo, the ruler of Florence, Italy discovered the lost works of Plato in 1438.  He assigned the Greek scholar Ficino to translate these into Latin. But in 1460, when Cosimo was handed the lost works of the Egyptian Hermes Trismegistus (?5500 BC), he believed he had the words of the most ancient and the greatest sage of them all. Immediately, Cosimo ordered Ficino to switch over to translating Hermes' works.  Thereafter Hermes' concepts sparked the emergence of a glorious new culture named the "Renaissance"-- meaning "Rebirth because to be "spiritually reborn" (following a mystical death and Spiritual Regeneration) was foundational in African Tradition to reaching the Afterlife. During the Renaissance-the period when Europeans were converting from an inferiority complex to a superiority complex by means of the Gun-there was the rewriting of history to claim that the highest of Western European culture was rooted solely in ancient Greek culture, as opposed to its true origins in Ancient Africa. Ancient Africans' influence on world history is unequaled!!

Humboldt's ridiculous assumption as well as the proclaiming of Western Classics as the ultimate best has played a very strong role in defining European, Asian, and Black people's worldview. Such egocentric European propaganda is particularly powerful in impressing the minds of the naïve and those unaware of what is behind the façade presented by Europeans-a fantasy cleverly and realistically done. Its use in arguments attempt to justify imperialism, colonialism, and racism. Of course, both indoctrinations influence how students throughout the world think and feel and what they say and do as well as what they spread to the gullible. Have you ever heard or read in Western literature about the tremendous role Ancient African played in Western "Classics?"; Or, the role of Asians? (consult Asian scholars, literature, and Art for details). To blindly accept European propaganda is to be deluded. Even if you do not know the truth about the deception used in the educational system against Colored peoples, Critical Thinking demands that you ask: "Who or what qualifies Europeans to be judges and standard setters of anything outside of their own world?"

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Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

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