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The Nagging Effect: Corporations Manipulate Sales Through The Nagging Of Your Kids Part 2 of 2

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Richard O. Jones
Who really does the grocery shopping in your home? Is it really you or are you merely on an errand for the corporations? How much in your cart is there as a result of the influence of your kids?  And the big question is: Where did your kids get the influence? Children aren't hard to take advantage of; they tend to trust adults even when they shouldn't ­ sometimes especially when they shouldn't. Most parents teach their children not to trust strangers, don't get in their cars, and don't be lured away by strangers. However, parents allow children to trust what they see and hear from the strangers on TV. Parents allow these electronic strangers to lure their children away, as they come tagging behind them down the aisles of junk food and super hero toys.

Marketers know that most children don¹t grasp the motives behind advertising or realize that the products advertised may not be good for them. The advertisers also realize that if they can get the kid to nag or whine enough the parent will submit and theoretically appease the kid with goodies in exchange for temporary peace...  It's all well corporately orchestrated to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

Like investors in prime real estate, corporations see children's minds as a kind of cash cow. "If you own this child or cash cow at an early age, you can own this child for years to come, is their pattern of doing business. Companies actually want to own the kid younger and younger and keep them from the cradle to the grave, reveals a recent study.

Advertisers infuse their pitches with messages that prey upon the emotional weaknesses and insecurities of children. Advertising at its best is making people feel that without their product, you're a loser," explained Nancy Shalek, president of the Shalek Agency. "Kids are very sensitive to that. If you tell them to buy something, they are resistant. But if you tell them that they'll be a dork if they don't and popular if they do, you've got their attention. Begin to notice how many TV commercials use this type of pitch to children. You open up emotional vulnerabilities, and it's very easy to do with kids because they're the most emotionally vulnerable."

Moreover, some marketers try to sell by tapping into destructive and antisocial urges. According to Rick Litman, a partner at Kid 2 Kid Market Research, the goal is "to use youth rebellion to more effectively target a product and sell a product. Parents submit to this to appear cool and/or to win the friendship to the child. You see this in a lot of youth fashion and music, which earns billions annually."

All parents must stop allowing TV advertisements to control their child's diet and lifestyle. Don't allow your children to nag you into falling prey to the corporations' tricks. However, the harsh reality is that many parents themselves were captured as children by commercialism and are still psychologically enslaved by advertisement trends today. These parents will likely indulge their children with "things" and "trends" as exposed on TV rather than teach them to critically consider their choices. Parents must teach their children not to be influenced by commercials and advertisements that sell products that are suppose to make them "cool" or "popular." It has been my experience through decades of observation, that when product branding is instilled in the mind of a child, he or she grows up feeling that he or she needs material "things" to make them whole or to be accepted.

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