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The Celebration Of Single Motherhood Has Backfired

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Richard O. Jones
It seems to me that society has given a tarnished badge of honor to single moms. Many single mothers strut around accepting accolades and moral support from society as if they were survivors of widowhood or divorce while they slam the absent and/or non-supportive dads of their children as deadbeats. Several decades ago, when single moms were not fashionable, absent fatherhood was not the norm. I recall during the early 90s that Vice President Dan Quayle had the audacity to argue in a San Francisco speech that that the "poverty of values" in society included the acceptance of unwed motherhood, as celebrated in popular culture by the CBS comedy series Murphy Brown. The title character, a divorced news anchorwoman, got pregnant and chose to have the baby, who was delivered in an episode and watched by 38 million Americans.        

Nonetheless, I'm not harping on the statistics of single motherhood through divorce and/or widowhood.  The thing that disturbs me is that an increasing number of single women are choosing to become mothers or at the every least are nonchalant about the idea of raising their children alone. Most recently, it was revealed that Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter; which is not a moral issue by today's lowered standards. I believe this phase of society is fueled by the heroic reception by the general public coupled with availability of government grants and educational privileges especially afforded to single mothers. There are currently no less than two books entitled "Choosing Single Motherhood" by two different authors, Virginia Prescott, and Mikki Morrissette respectively and dozen of magazine articles written by different female writers enlightening women on the joy, benefits, and conquering the challenges of single motherhood.

In the past decade, I've witnessed on television and in churches dozens of unmarried females boasting about their proud single motherhood to the applause of church congregations and television audiences. Many of these young women express no desire to marry the man/boy that impregnated them. Very often the suspected fathers are in denial about paternity until the results of a pending DNA test proves or disproves their paternity.  Personally, I believe that whenever a DNA test has to be used to prove paternity and/or no marriage plans were involved, the proven father is not highly likely to demonstrate responsible fatherhood throughout the childhood of their casually begotten offspring.

Single females having unprotected sex without an engagement ring and not wishing to become a drum majorette for single parenthood should cease this practice. Females touting single motherhood are inadvertently promoting irresponsibility by sending the message that the love, desire, maturity, and/or ability to care for a child and/or family is not a prerequisite to sexual affairs. 

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