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We’re Now Blaming Today’s Youth For Their Inheritance Sagging Pants

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Richard O. Jones
Every generation is the pacesetter for the new. New barriers are broken some good, some bad. Bolder changes are made, standards of often lowered, and more lenient laws are often made. The public slowly begins to accept the new status often dictated by the media, popular culture, and paid celebrities. The glue that holds the madness together is the fact that everybody wants to be different, innovative, and/or on the cutting edge of the latest fade or trend.

Currently, an increasing number of cities are banning sagging pants worn mostly by young Black males.  Although the fashion is tasteless by most standards of etiquette and/or sophistication, it became a popular symbol of rebellion by the gangsta rap artists of the 80s.     Young Black rappers set the trend and the next generation followed. Sagging pants remain a symbol of anger. Of course, looking the part requires acting the part. Therefore, foul language and disrespect for others is part of the talk as the swagger is part of the walk.

Mature adults accepted the classless fashions over 25 years ago as a fad, and futilely tried out wait it. Most parents just held their peace and hoped the fashion would pass like a storm in the night leaving minimum destruction. School hoped the fad would be short-lived and also waited for the storm to blow over as most trend do. Instead this sagging pants monster grew into gang attire, male wearing earrings, and demonic tattoos. No one expected the piles of bullet-riddled young Black bodies.

Disrespect for Black females increased through musical lyrics while the high school dropout rate and lack of academic achievement increased among Blacks. Black teen pregnancies and male incarceration also increased greatly since the preceding generation. 

Unless the present day generation develops a trend of education and respect, the next generation is headed for a doomed tomorrow. However, improvement in the next generation is not an unlikely wish due to the fact there is a segment of young Blacks that aspire to positive living. Nevertheless, there seems to be bigger and scarier monsters looming. If more Black females, the single parent role model of most Black children, drop the ball there goes our last hope. Unfortunately, every second or third Black female that I meet is proudly plastered with tattoos, a proud single mother with several babies by different men, or proudly involved in an open lesbian relationship.  This is based on the generation before them that sent the message that society can no longer judgment them and because society is fickle. Nevertheless, I applaud all of the positive role models, by old fashioned standards, and encourage them to keep setting good examples. It is morally sound Black males and females that will save the next generation.

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