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Election Results

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During the last election we made a series of endorse- ments in various races throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties and many of you have requested a follow-up on the winners we endorsed.

The winners are:

Ben Johnson, II Alvord Unified School District Board
Lewis J. Vanderzyl Riverside USD Board of Education
Maxine Frost Riverside USD Board of Edcation
Virniecia Jordan-Davis Perris School Board of Education
Rita Rogers Perris City Council
Mike Goldware Riverside City Council
Ed Adkison Riverside City Council
Mary Sampson S.B. Community College District
Allen B. Gresham S.B. Community College District
Charles Beeman S.B. Community College District
Kent Taylor Colton Joint USD Area 3
Kathy Binks Fontana USD Board of Education
Ron McPeck Redlands USD Board of Education
Walter Scott Hawkins Rialto USD Board of Education
Dennis W. Mobley Rialto USD Board of Education
Danny Tilliman S.B. City USD Board of Education
Marlin Brown S.B. City USD Board of Education
Judi Penman S.B. City USD Board of Education
David Kennedy S.B. City Treasurer
Gordon McGinnis S.B. City Council Ward 3
Rikke Van Johnson S.B. City Council Ward 6
Wendy McCammack S.B. City Council Ward 7

Run-off candidate:
Dom Betro Riverside City Council Ward 1

Although these candidates did not win their bid for elected positions, hopefully they will continue onward with their political aspirations:

Armando Gonzalez-Caban Riverside USD Board of Education
Mary Lou Morales Riverside City Council Ward 7
Amos Isaac S.B. County Board of Education
Mary Lopez-Carson Colton Joint USD Area 1
Rick McClure Fontana USD Board of Education
Theresa W. Kwappenberg Redlands City Council
Joe Suarez S.B. City Council Ward 5

Labor Recovery Not Good for Black America

According to the latest 6%unemployment figures, the sluggish economy is turning around for everyone but Black Americans. “We can finally put the nail in the coffin of the jobless recovery,” said Ken Mayland, president of Clear View Economics.

He went on to say, “We are back on a rising job track.” Well Mr. Mayland forgot to look at the numbers for Black Americans because they climbed upward to 11.5 percent. The last time the Black employment rate was greater than Whites was during slavery and we were not compensated for our labor.

Since then we have been trying to recover from separate but equal, Jim Crow, last hired, first fired seniority systems and other carefully orchestrated discrimatory practices that would deny us an equal employment playing field.

This report put the nail in the coffin so others would remain employed but pulled the nails out of the unemployment coffin and shoved Black America into it.

We must get active to turn this trend around or our children that we are sending to school now will not be able to find employment in the future. Part of the solution will be for us to start our own businesses and create jobs. More information on this topic at a later date.

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