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Walter Hawkins
Walter’s involvement with the community was clearly demonstrated prior to his election to the Board of Education. He is not only concerned with the youth in school but what happens to them upon graduation, which is where the rubber meets the road. Vote Walter Hawkins.

Dennis Mobley
Dennis is the only current board member with a child in the Rialto School District. This in my estimation is one of the main ingredients needed to serve as a representative of parents. In addition to that he has demonstrated a commitment to improve the educational attainment of the children of Rialto. Vote Dennis Mobley.


Rita Rogers
Hard work and dedication to excellence is this representatives commitment to the people of Perris. Her help in fostering better relationships between law enforcement and the Black and Hispanic community is to be commended. Vote Rita Rogers.

Virniecia Green Jordan-Davis
Never being at a loss for words and not accepting no when it comes to children is this school board member’s trademark. The community of Perris gets more than a school boardmember it also gets a sound, knowledgeable activist for change. Vote Jordan-Davis

Riverside USD Board of Education

Armando Gonzalez Caban
Diversity is a key ingredient to governing a diverse population and when it comes to our youth it is even more important. It is not often that a community has the opportunity to have a citizen with the qualifications and involvement of Armando Gonzalez Caban.

His educational background demonstrates his commitment to education being important for our youth and sets a good example for Hispanics in particular. His election to the board will fill a void that now exists on the board. Vote Armando Gonzalez Caban

Lewis Vanderzyl
Leadership is this individual’s strongest suit. He demonstrated this during the naming of the Martin Luther King, Jr. High School. His commitment to the progress of children and parents of Riverside deserves your returning him to the Board. Vote Lewis Vanderzyl

Maxine Frost
This long time servant of Riverside youth has remained constant during her many years of service. Many people cannot sustain this consistence. Her good reputation thoughout the California School Board Association will be helpful to the district and community. Vote Maxine Frost.

Riverside City Council

Dom Betro
His strong business background and service to the non-profit community through the Family Services Agency, The Resource Center for Non-Profit Management, and his Calabria Restaurant, make Dom Betro the perfect choice for Ward One. His varied experience will be a huge benefit to the city council and downtown’s growth and development. Vote Dom Betro.

Mike Goldware
Even though he was recently elected to the school board, that experience plus his extensive experience in the community can prove to be beneficial to the city as it tries to reestablish its credibility with the community. Vote Mike Goldware

Ed Adkison
Although we have not agreed with some of the actions of this councilman we did appreciate his position for small business with in the city of Riverside. He is a friend to small business, an important aspect of economic development. Vote Ed Adkison.

Mary Lou Morales
Her experience as a teacher and political activist with the California Teachers Association speaks to her leadership. That leadership did not go unnoticed by the likes of former State Senator Robert Presley or the late Congressman George Brown when they appointed her to be their representative on the Central Committee of Riverside. This is one city that can use the diversity of a Mary Lou Morales. Vote Mary Lou Morales

San Bernardino

Rikke Van Johnson
This young man has a vision and the energy to carry it out. They say where there is no vision the people perish. Let us not take advantage of this opportunity. He has a plan that would make the sixth ward a place of prominence in the city. Vote Rikke Van Johnson

Joe Suarez

When the Black Voice News had a news stand in front of his store in Devore and members of the KKK wanted it removed, Joe told them where to go. I cannot repeat to you what he shared with them. This he did when he was not seeking office. Vote Joe Suarez.

Danny Tillman
His experience with budget management has proven to be beneficial to the district and citizens of San Bernardino. He has helped minority small businesses participate in the building of our schools in the district. This is good business for our community and positive leadership for the students we teach. Vote Danny Tillman

Dr. Marlin Brown
We served on the school board together for twelve years and during his tenure he has always kept children and teachers first. He always presents ideas that will increase student learning with increased student expectation. He is an advocate for a safer environment for all employees. Vote Marlin Brown

Judi Penman
The school district will be well served to have a representative from the business community with a commitment to serving our youth. Her past involvement with the district will shorten the learning curve as a very viable board member. Vote Judi Penman.


Ron McPeck
Ron McPeck did an un-thinkable thing as a White man from Redlands when Jesse Jackson ran for president; he brought Jesse Jackson to Redlands to speak. He is a former statewide representative of the California Teachers Association. Vote Ron McPeck.

Black Voice News Recommendations/Endorsements

Riverside County

Ben Johnson, II Alvord Unified School District Board
Armando Gonzalez-Caban Riverside USD Board of Education
Lewis J. Vanderzyl Riverside USD Board of Education
Maxine Frost Riverside USD Board of Education
Virniecia Jordan-Davis Perris School Board of Education
Rita Rogers Perris City Council Dom Betro Riverside City Council Ward 1
Mike Goldware Riverside City Council Ward 3
Ed Adkison Riverside City Council Ward 5
Mary Lou Morales Riverside City Council Ward 7

San Bernardino County

Amos Isaac S. B. County Board of Education
Mary Sampson S. B. Community College District
Allen B. Gresham S. B. Community College District
Charles H. Beeman S. B. Community College District
Marie Lopez-Carson Colton Joint USD Area 1
Kent Taylor Colton Joint USD Area 3
Kathy Binks Fontana USD Board of Education
Rick McClure Fontana USD Board of Education
Ron McPeck Redlands USD Board of Education
Walter Scott Hawkins Rialto USD Board of Education
Dennis W. Mobley Rialto USD Board of Education
Danny Tillman S. B. City USD Board of Education
Marlin L. Brown S. B. City USD Board of Education
Judi Penman S. B. City USD Board of Education
Theresa W. Kwappenberg Redlands City Council
David C. Kennedy S. B. City Treasurer
Gordon McGinnis S. B. City Council Ward 3
Joe Suarez S.B. City Council Ward 5
Rikke Van Johnson S. B. City Council Ward 6
Wendy McCammack S. B. City Council Ward 7

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