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Did Schwarzenegger and His Buddies Rape a Black Girl? Does Anybody Care?

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By Joe C. Hopkins
Pasadena Journal
Guest Editorial

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his confessions about his past said, “once in Golds Gym there was a Black girl who came out naked.

Everybody jumped on her and took her upstairs where we all got together.”

Clarence Thomas was accused of sexually harassing a Black female (Anita Hill). Both of these Republicans got the support of their party in spite of their taking advantage of Black females.

The White press is calling what Schwarzenegger and his friends did, “group sex.” The only group was apparently a group of probably White male body builders taking advantage of a lone Black female, sexually. Now Schwarzenegger says he was lying.

Before that, he said it was part of his past. It sounds like his lawyers advised him to say this. But to me it sounds like rape, and in the least, a lack of respect for Black women. Now he is trying to deny that it happened.

Add that Schwarzenegger admitted he participated in taking sexual advantage of a Black woman and in the least having had no respect for Black women to the fact that he has chosen former Governor Pete Wilson as his campaign chairman, says a lot about him. Wilson is the person that put Ward Connerly on the state Board of Trustees of the University of California.

Wilson supported Proposition 209, the anti-affirmative action initiative and he opposed Proposition 187 which was designed to deny some Latino children the right to go to public schools if their parents were illegal immigrants. Many say he is “the Face of Racism in California.”

Clearly Schwarzenegger (his name means Black Farmer) does not deserve to be Governor.