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For Jews-Holocaust Unforgettable For Blacks-Racism Unforgettable

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The issue of racism is complex, emotionally charged and often distorted. No misinformed and hollow approach to its explanation will get the job done. If one would write intelligently about it, his/her level of intelligence must be commensurate with the depth and breadth of history of racism in all its forms.

Short of this (experience, exposure, and excellency) and more racism is spewed; thus the column by Linda Chavez; The Sun, a-14, 07-17-03 article ref. NAACP: “Its leaders are stuck in a time warp, imagining they still live in a world of pick-ax-wielding lynch mobs.”

God forbid we are not. Wherever you are Chavez, become an active NAACP member, attend just one meeting with an open, inquiring and objective mind (if that’s possible) and perhaps you would emerge with a mind-set to do better toward shaping the culture more intelligently on a critical mass; illuminating the past, thus helping our Nation to shed itself of our racist culture. You blew a golden opportunity.

The NAACP remains America’s oldest civil rights organization and still stands as the moral conscience of the nation, fighting daily for the rights of Black Americans and others as well. Where is America’s will to open the windows of total opportunity? The Jews will not let the world forget the Holocaust. Six million Jews were murdered due to racial hatred. Millions of Blacks continue to be affected by race. Blacks cannot let America forget the racism that remains, the root–evil of the oppression, injustice and bondage that still confine and restrict us.

While fully aware of the struggles of Black family life, the Black family has not collapsed as Chavez states. Contrary to opinion, a thrust currently exists within Black America to reassess our strengths, reorder our priorities, draw on our legacy of greatness and carve out the greatest future yet for our beautiful boys and girls. One who lives outside the community (Chavez) who writes from an ivory tower is out of touch with reality.

On the flip side of the coin, we must counter every effort of the opposition with new determination, strategic planning, designed to define our own agenda. The task of developing a solid long term plan with goals and strategies, spelling out where Blacks in the Inland Empire are to be going and how to best get there is a formidable responsibility that we must tackle without undue delay.

Central and indispensable to all our plans and the future of the Black family and community, is the plight and progress of young Black males beginning as early as K – through 12. It is absolutely critical that families began to fully shoulder their obligations and responsibilities in broadening the windows of opportunity for every young male to grow up and become somebody. They must be mentored and nurtured on becoming men and succeeding at it.

Churches and families must connect and network around the four (4) steps in boys becoming men of substance: BOYHOOD, MANHOOD, FATHERHOOD, FAMILYHOOD. Each step leads to the next in order. They form links in a chain that lead to productive manhood one-step, one phase at a time.
There will be other writers whose sole agenda will continue to be that of clouding the issues to the extent of some saying racism is now a thing of the past.

The problem of race has been festering for hundreds of years, but has yet to arise as the core public issue in America. These misguided souls must not become our targets. The weight is on us to become a self-empowered people in America despite the obvious injustices imposed on us throughout our history in this country – EVEN NOW!

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