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Budget Cuts

Misinformation spread by the Internet and some other publications is causing needless concern among the veterans in the Riverside community.

The misinformation is that the Department of Veterans Affairs is having its budget cut. The impact of this misinformation is that some veterans wonder how Riverside National Cemetery can care for our newest generation of veterans or those who went into harm’s way before them.

Reports, rumors and charges of cuts in the VA budget are totally false. In fact, President Bush has sought -- and Congress has approved -- record increases in VA’s budget for the last couple years. Although Congress has not finished the budgetary process for the federal fiscal year that begins next October 1, it looks likely that VA’s health care budget will grow by at least 7 percent and possibly as much as 12 percent.

There is no cut in VA’s budget or the budget at Riverside National Cemetery. While VA and Riverside National Cemetery can always use more money, it is important to correct inaccurate information.

America is honoring its commitment to veterans. VA is reducing the waiting lists at our medical facilities and the backlog of compensation claims while striving to increase quality across the board. VA continues to take care of veterans -- from the men and women of Operation Iraqi Freedom to our World War I veterans -- and at Riverside National Cemetery we’re proud to be part of that tradition of service.

Riverside National Cemetery

Thank You

Thank you for writing and publishing the two articles after my car was towed away from the SBC (Pacific Bell) parking lot near the Riverside Municipal Auditorium back in February. Your coverage was excellent.

I did receive a refund from SBC for the amount of $167, which is the amount I had to pay the towing company to get my car out of storage.

Thank you for your assistance in my dilemma. Your persistence and my patience paid off. Thank you, again, and may God bless you richly.

Charlotte L. Beamon
Senior Citizen
Riverside Resident

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