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Proud of spike lee

While watching TV’s “Inside the Actors Studio” which featured an hour long interview with filmmaker Spike Lee, I was filled with even more admiration for him as he recounted that when he telephoned his friends, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, et al, each responded with checks in such generous amounts that he was financially able to complete the filming of “School Daze.”

As Lee named these contributors, his eyes swelled with tears of seemingly gratitude which rolled down his cheeks as he made no effort to conceal his inner emotions. But then great men do great things.

Also my own heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to Spike Lee’s friends who made all of us African Americans proud of our heritage of brotherly and sisterly spirit of good will toward each other for humanitarian reasons. Let’s continue to keep this precious spirit alive and well!

Dr. Lulamae Clemons
Riverside, CA

War Is Not The Answer

There’s a lot that needs to be said. Understanding too. Before even I am dead. It seems that our decisions, continue to promote violence instead of finding other ways to exist. Senseless killing makes no sense. How can we repay a wrong with one of our own.

What are we teaching the young? This must not continue on what was done? To those who killed non-violent leaders. The ones who gave up their lives, world peace, is what they teach us. Yet here we are judge, jury and executioner. But what makes us any better? Is the world any more peaceful? War is not the answer.

How many lives must be lost? What is the message that we’re sending? And at what cost? We’ve allowed our anger to take complete control. Using innocent lives to fight an angry hate war. When are we gonna awaken to see the truth in our face? How many more deaths must there be before we see it’s all a mistake?

This was not the reason that we were made. But to love, understand each other, yet all we do is hate. Many have tried to deliver the message of life. Whether in songs, poems, or speeches. Truth from above maybe it’s my turn to deliver what is real. War is not the answer. Yet we kill, still.

David E. Kelly

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