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Black Africans Wrote the First Books!

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The writing invented by interior Africans (??17000 B.C.) and brought to light in pre-Egypt (4000 B.C.) became a most significant vehicle for those Africans who laid the foundation for all that is great in the world today.

The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic system of writing in pictograms included signs which were essentially alphabetic in character, not unlike its interior African (including Ethiopian) predecessors.

Besides each picture item standing for itself (the picture of a house meaning “house”), they also used the rebus-principle to construct words which could not easily be depicted.

Rebus is a representation of words or a phrase in the form of pictures, letters, numbers, or symbols. For example, a picture of a cat on a log is a rebus for “catalog.”

The world’s first known books were the coffin texts, the pyramid texts, and the Book of Going Forth by Day (renamed as “The Book of the Dead” by a 19th century European translator).

All of these Black African manuscripts were well-established by the 17th century B.C. The Coffin and Pyramid texts -- both contributions to the contents of the Book of the Dead -- originated between 6,000 and 4,000 BCE (before the Christian Era).

Perhaps even earlier writings were on perishable materials like wood or hide.
The Coffin Texts -- prominently painted on the burial coffins of the First Intermediate Period (2130-1939 B.C.) and the Middle Kingdom (1938-1600 B.C.) -- consist of “spells” or “magic formulae” as well as more than a thousand different spiritual sayings meant to safely guide the deceased through the after-world.

This makes them the most ancient written religious and philosophical thoughts known to mankind. Similarly, “The Book of The Dead” is a compendium of ancient indigenous Black African (who traveled along the Nile Valley from Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea) and Egyptian writings.

Also called “Osiris,” it deals with instructions for a departed soul on how to use secrete wisdom to get through the treacherous underworld and reach the Field of Rushes, or Egyptian “heaven.” At every step the soul would find its way blocked by divine gatekeepers.

These gatekeepers would admit the soul to the next step only if it knew the correct spells, passwords, and secret names of the gods. The soul also had to know how to take on the form of various animals, gods, and spiritual beings.

This book, whose doctrine is earlier than any written history of Egypt, teaches that the goddess Isis is a Negro woman and Osiris a Negro Nubian man, an Anu.

The Anu were the first to practice agriculture; to irrigate the valley of the Nile; build dams, invent sciences, arts, writings; the calendar; and teach the possibility of an eternal happy afterlife -- but only as long as one could pass an after-death test of having lived a moral life.

According to Diop, Osiris is the god who, 3000 years before Christ, dies and rises from the dead to save mankind. As humanity’s god of redemption and the Son of God, Osiris ascends to heaven to sit at the right hand of his father, the great god, Ra.

Because different foreigners borrowed different aspects of the African/Egyptian culture, its writing system and mythology came to be within the grasp of people all over the world. Furthermore, the Egyptians taught writing (among other things) to all the people they colonized -- especially the Phoenicians.

It was the Phoenicians who later carried writing in alphabet form to Greece and throughout the Mediterranean. According to Diop, Judaism and Christianity borrowed from “The Book of The Dead” the theory of creation by the word, the representation of future beings in the divine conscience of Ra, and the divine trinity.

Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D

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