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Your Purpose Requires Vision

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College students uncertain of their major lack a definite Purpose In Life. The process for finding “purpose” is to become intimate with your Highest Self -- your spiritual self -- that mental state which is beyond all desires for material things; beyond all revenge, meanness, pettiness, blame, and criticism; beyond all self doubt, self-mistrust, cowardice, and negative self-talk.

From your “pure” highest self comes the voice of your conscience. It can only be known by the Intuition that “speaks” as an extremely high vibrating rhythm, not in words.

The message of your highest self always conveys that which ultimately results in love, harmony, unity, peace, and serenity. But it takes hard work to reach that result.

Since “Believing” is the key to the spiritual world, finding your highest self will not happen if you do not believe it exists. You cannot find it if your mind is “noisy” -- full of conflicting thoughts and emotions; if you are torn between trying to follow your thoughts or follow other’s suggestions; or if you are around attractive distractions.

You cannot use as a model those people who declare themselves as prophets or visionaries. By merely declaring themselves as such means that they are “up to no good.” Neither be fooled by those who point to someone as a guru from having turned a failing business into riches.

Chances are those riches came from “shady” dealings. Instead, the only way to find your highest self is to have your mind flow with nature’s rhythm -- the rhythm of a waterfall, of waves slashing on the shore, or of the rustling of tall grass or trees.

Once in nature’s rhythm, you are connected with and bathed by all the infinite powers of “the heavens.” From those powers, you receive life-shaping messages on issues like “what is my purpose in life?” “How shall I live?” You will also receive what is needed to be a “Visionary,.” Such a vision is related to your purpose in the way birds find food.

Lacking bifocal vision (as humans have), birds see best when a single eye (the reason for cocking their heads) is pointed directly at whatever requires examination. Similarly, visionaries clearly see their purpose with their “mind’s eye.”

This “seeing” of what others can only hazily dream about requires: (1) leaving behind what others are doing; (2) disregarding all thoughts of what it will cost you or how much money you will make or that people say “you’re crazy.” (3) thinking “outside the box,” and (4) operating out of your highest self.

The ancient word “visionary” came from “seers” who claimed to have divine secrets inspired by the moon. Thereafter, the label “visionary” was applied to those “impractical” people given to spending their time imagining or dreaming.

But originating from their highest self, true visionaries have a path of clear awareness about the future. The object of that awareness is to bring about the most appropriate form of spiritual goodness.

By having an unobstructed view, they can “see” what no one has imagined before and understand how to make Goodness happen. Only when your mind is “pure” can you “hear” the message that fits your talent, “see” what is the “right” thing to do, and “know” the choices to make.

This is your purpose! Now you can choose the “right” subject to major in at school. Furthermore, interviewers will be impressed with your vision of knowing where you are going, how to get there, and what to do once you get there. Follow Your Visionary Dream Wherever It Leads and money will take care of itself!

Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D

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