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Admission Application Suggestions (Part XIX)

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A sharply developed and trusted “sixth sense” is a helpful tool for Black youth desiring to be successful in a highly competitive marketplace.

For example, it can be influential in deciding for or against entering a racially charged situation. Since I refused to let racism stop me in the 1960’s, I had no choice but to “integrate” eight institutions in order to pursue training in orthopaedic surgery and orthopaedic genetics.

Either to my face (the majority) or by overwhelming circumstantial evidence, all eight clearly informed me that they did not want me there. Although many people at those institutions were not racist, I had no way of knowing who the “good guys” were. Thus, it was too risky to trust anyone for anything.

Obviously, I was not hooked up to any “ole boy” network and there was no one to lead me by the hand through the maze of overwhelming racial and non-racial problems.

It was therefore essential for me to develop a sixth sense to act as a video camera that sounds an alarm when there is impending danger. As a result, I was often able to withdraw my head from the chopping block just before the axe fell. To a less obvious and less frequent degree, most of today’s success oriented Black students will face similar problems.

Step I in developing a Sixth Sense is learning to enter a situation without a prejudgment opinion of liking or disliking it. For example, without believing or disbelieving the following, see if you can accept it simply as possible useful information.

You will probably agree with psychologist who say that each person has a conscious part of his/her mind and an unconscious part. But have you ever thought about what is on the other side of your unconscious mind?

Could it be that the other side consists of the unlimited power of universal energy vibrating its contents of “aliveness,” truth, reality, and love? If so, perhaps this universal energy, after flowing through one’s unconsciousness and on into one’s consciousness, shows itself in many forms.

Assume two of those forms are feelings and emotions. The word “Feelings” means to vibrate; Emotions, “to stir,” “to eddy,” as when a current of water separates from its main current and goes like a whirlpool in a circular clockwise or counterclockwise motion.

Feelings stirred up in a positive clockwise way are called “Good Emotions;” in a counterclockwise negative way, “Bad Emotions” (those which slow, stop, or reverse your constructive progress).

Perhaps a “pure” sixth sense is universal energy in the form of “pure” feelings. When “pure” feelings are stimulated by outside “Goodness,” they become good emotions; by outside hate, protective emotions.

A trained sixth sense gives you an uncanny ability to be aware of things in “the atmosphere” that most people would miss.
Step II is learning to distinguish a “true” from a “false” sixth sense.

Similar to insights, a “true” sixth sense message (1) “pops” into your mind; (2) “out of nowhere”; and (3) all of a sudden. Despite (4) an awareness of the revealed message being the “right” one to follow, (5) there are no associated additional false feelings or emotions.

By contrast, none of these five exist with a “false” sixth sense. In the “false” type there is some kind of pre-existing opinion. Then, once a “false” sixth sense judgment is made, there are lingering emotions associated with it -- maybe anger, revenge, fear, depression, or relief.

By paying close attention to your feelings and/or emotions all over your mind and body each time you have a “sixth sense” experience, you will gradually be able to separate the real from the unreal ones. The real ones are reliable signals for taking action.

Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D

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