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BVN Readers: What’s On Your Mind?

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For quite some time, I have been extremely concerned about the status of this country and have wondered why it seems America’s leaders are not as concerned and are much more focused on the status of Iraq and a potentially ensuing war.

This country is in economic shambles. Lay-offs continue, corporate America can’t be trusted, Wall Street stocks remain in the sewer and the main reason it has completely bottomed out is because it’s being sustained by those of us who have lost so much, we don’t dare get out now. We’ve lost hard-earned retirement dollars while those who were privileged were able to cash out with millions. A vast majority of Americans would answer, “No” if asked whether they are better off now than two years ago.
But the leaders are not asking; there is not nearly as much interest or attention given to Americans as there is to the Iraqi’s. When will the people of this country become important to this administration/president? Must we lose more jobs, more of our securities and possibly more blood before the leaders pay attention?

C.A. Johnson-Marshall

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