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Event Planning With Wendy Gladney Brooks

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Wendy Gladney Brooks
Last year a young lady who worked in my office by the name of Antoinette, encouraged me to take the entire staff to the "BIZBASH" Conference held in Los Angeles.  BIZBASH is a resource for event and meeting planners to locate inspiration, marketing strategies and useful tools for our industry.  They also provide the latest industry news and provide a directory with contact information on various suppliers, vendors, event planners and venues (plus more).

The conference highlighted a lot of "WOW" factor and over the top productions (which don't always fall into the budgets of community organizations events), but still inspired us on ways to hopefully add a little fluff and sparkle to all that we do.  So as we strolled through the halls and isles of this spectacular "event" I was very happy that we spent the day "learning" new ideas.

One of the new ideas that we gleaned was on the subject of "greening" and how to help our clients become a little more global conscious in the area of recycling, and helping to save our planet.  Our industry does not necessarily lean towards "conservation," however, like anything in life, every little bit helps!  So in my article today, I would like to encourage everyone as they plan their next event, do whatever you can to make a difference and conserve where possible.  Here are a couple of quick suggestions:

  • If you can spread the word through email - this will help cut back on unnecessary use of paper products (plus it may even save you a little money). We won't be able to do away with all printed information - but we can send out reminders, etc., via email.
  • When using disposable paper products - check out items such as "bagasse" recyclable plates and cups.

Duke University put out a nice "Green Event Planning Guide" that I would recommend to everyone who is interested in this topic.  The areas they touch on are how to...

  • Reduce Waste
  • Manage Waste
  • Recycling
  • Conserving Energy
  • Purchasing Environmentally Aware Materials

So remember, we can all make a difference one event at a time.

Give your all in all that you do. Then the PLUS won't just be more, it will be the difference!

Wendy is the founder and president of Personal Services Plus, Inc., an Event Management Company.  Visit  www.personalservicesplus.com  or email her at wendy@personalservicesplus.com .  

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