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Spotlight on Business: Monica's Taxes

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By Brian Adigwu --

Monica Hodgson
Monica Hodgson is a tax preparer who owns her own tax preparation and accounting business which is located in downtown Riverside.

“This may sound cliché but, I really, really want to help my clients,” said Hodgson.

Hodgson was born in Pasadena, California and grew up in the suburb of Altadena with her father who was self employed. Her father owned a Federal Aviation approved repair facility for aircraft parts. Hodgson said that her father was an inspiration to her establishing her tax preparation business.

She worked for her father’s aircraft repair business for ten years and for another ten years, she worked for the Riverside Auction Department as an accountant. Six out of those ten years, she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps to self-employment and started her tax preparations office.

“There is a need for a good tax preparer and I believe that my greatest accomplishment is dealing with clients,” said Hodgson.

When starting her own business, Hodgson did not expect many people in Riverside to have issues with their taxes. But that was what caused her to want to spring into action when it came to taxes. Hodgson reminds herself and others that she could help as many people as she could but she isn’t a specialist in everything like securities or other investments despite knowing all of them.

“I am a work-a-holic,” she said. “I tend to work late and then I give myself time and space to rejuvenate.” Hodgson’s biggest challenge is her willingness to work hard everyday and night so that she could help people with their taxes. In situations like the current economic recession, Hodgson wished that she would have known the importance of having enough economic capital set aside.

“I am very hands on with my clients and I educate them and give them an overview of their tax situation,” she said.

What makes Hodgson’s business unique is her proactive approach to helping people prepare her taxes.  She also gives her clients information on how the IRS works and want her clients could so in case they are having trouble with their taxes.  The tax preparer has met many people who had trouble with their taxes; especially in the current economic crisis. And through those meetings, she saw people who were emotional. She tried her best to make them feel comfortable.

“I understand my clients when they get emotional,” said Hodgson.  “I always tell them: ‘don’t worry about this, we’ll handle it.”

Right now, Hodgson’s goals are to have a staff of about four to five people and to have her office relocated on the first floor of a building so people will know about her services.  She also plans to open a new office in the Newport Beach area.

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