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A New Biz Directory: Connecting the Black Business Community

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By Abdoulaye Traore

Here comes another Black business-a unique and purpose driven, action-oriented business organization. The Inland Empire Black Business Directory and Resource Guide is a professional advertising, information and marketing resource. The purpose of 4LifeEnterprise is to promote and increase the sales of Black business to black consumers. The goal of Mr. Jerry L. Green, the publisher of this directory and resource guide, is to support and stop being a people who try to do EVERYTHING!  "Everyone Can Eat" of all the black businesses, organization, individuals, and all major companies. It is a bi-annual publication that benefits black businesses whose target is to increase exposure in the black community. He also stated that many black businesses are contacting him, and he appreciates the fact many small business owners may need to jump start their businesses. The financial future of the Inland Empire, California, and indeed the nation will be based upon the ever increasing spending power and contributions of Black Business Owners in providing a variety of goods and operating in mainstream America.

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