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YWCA’s Early Childhood Education Center Opens

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The YWCA of Riverside County has started a wonderful, new early childhood education center for children ages three through five.

They are very excited about it, as it is a very high quality program. Not only is the playground and all of the equipment new, the classrooms have all new furniture and activities. The teachers are much higher qualified than the state requires and their intention is to be accredited through the National Association for the Education of Young Children as quickly as possible. Also, the state allows 12 children for every teacher, but the YWCA Children’s Center is choosing to limit class size to 7-10 children per teacher. They feel that young children need more individual attention than they frequently receive.
A major focus of this program is diversity and multiculturalism, both among the staff and children. Young children are so very special and important. They are the hope of the future. It is the intention of the YWCA Children’s Center to make sure each child in their program is loved and respected for the unique individual s/he is. It is so important that those educating young children truly value them and help to form character traits that will guide them to become emotionally healthy and productive children with futures full of possibility. Every child in the center feels that love and caring from all members of the staff. Since the mission of the YWCA as an organization is the empowerment of women and girls and the elimination of racism, our Children’s Center is an important part of that mission. They not only accept children whose tuition is subsidized, they have also started a scholarship program so that they can collect funds to help pay tuition for those who either qualify for subsidies but are on a waiting list or who don’t qualify but are low income and need a little help with tuition.
All of their activities and teaching methods are developmentally appropriate. Children are taught in small groups and one-on-one. Children will have the opportunity to learn in all the multiple areas of intelligence. Just as adults have different areas of giftedness and interest, so do children. Their staff understands this and their program provides opportunities for children to learn about math, science, art, music, reading and writing, building, dramatic expression, etc. Children’s preferred methods of learning are also understood and respected. The YWCA Children’s Center is a wonderful place for all children. If you have a child three through five years of age you should check it out.

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