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Matah Network Announces Dudley Hair Product Alliance

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A recent study conducted by the University of Georgia predicted that annual Black consumption spending would reach 682 billion by December 2002, which ironically is the month in which Black consumption spending is highest for the year.

The MATAH Network, a Black owned and controlled corporation is organized to raise the consciousness of people of African descent and to re-direct Black consumption spending to Black owned businesses nationally. MATAH links Black producers with consumers through a Black Channel of Economic Distribution, currently the only such channel in the country.
MATAH has a suite of over 200 home, personal and nutritional products manufactured, produced and distributed by persons of African descent. Over 2000 Network Business Centers represent MATAH in 12 states and 22 cities. MATAH Network seeks to facilitate African centered thought, which includes the practice and implementation of the principles of Kwanzaa 365 days a year by persons of African descent.
MATAH recently formed an alliance with Dudley Hair Care Products, one of the few remaining Black owned Hair Care Product corporations, to manufacture MATAH products at Dudley’s 80,000 square foot production facility in North Carolina.
One of the products being produced by Dudley is the MATAH Grenada Nutmeg Oil or GNO, a natural topical pain reliever. The product properties, nutmeg, originate from Grenada, an island in the Caribbean that produces over 1/3 of the world’s nutmeg. This natural yet simple crop has been known for its pain relief properties for over 300 years. It has been known to relieve all types of bodily pain with no side effects. GNO uses a steam distillation process as opposed to a chemical process for extracting the essential oils. This ensures that the natural properties are kept in tact. The pain reliever is applied directly to the area of pain and testimonials have indicated that pain relief is experienced within minutes. Due to the potency of GNO, it is recommended that it be diluted with MATAH Hand and Body Oil.
Testimonials from GNO users for everything from toothache to sport injuries and arthritis have been phenomenal. The GNO product wasformally unveiled during the annual MATAH Network Conference Dudley has given exclusive GNO product distribution to the MATAH Network. The conference also featured Dr. Charles Ssali from Uganda, Africa, a medical doctor, and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. He is also a researcher in both western and traditional herbal medicines. After ten years of scientific medical research, Professor Ssail has developed natural nutritional supplements for building the body’s immune system. Dr. Ssali unveiled three new health and nutritional products to be distributed exclusively by MATAH. These new products formally link the MATAH Network with people of African descent internationally in the Caribbean and the seat of civilization, Africa.
Call your local MATAH representative for the natural pain reliever GNO, which is projected to reach one million dollars in product sales by January 2003. Due to the anticipated demand for this product, MATAH Network is seeking local representatives to assist with product sales and distribution. For more information contact Sheryl White, Business Manager of the Huff Network Business Center in West Altadena at (626) 791-0409. You may also contact the Huff Business Center via email at phuff@matah.com or on the Internet at www.mymatah.net/phuff.

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