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Hip Hop Artist Antahlyzah Releases First Solo Project Conscious Emcee Debuts "Forensic Eyes"

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When Khalil, also known as  Antalyzah, (pronounced Analyzer) was first exposed to hip-hop in the mid 80's, he never imagined that he would be a major influential part of the movement. Antahlyzah's history in hip-hop started while serving in the military overseas in Okinawa, Japan. "While on duty, a group of soldier's came together and formed a Hip-Hop group called "The Castwayz." We released an album titled "The Arrival." We distributed many copies of it overseas but we could never fully commit to any contracts due to our enlistment status." Today the emcee is nearing the completion of his fifth album, and first solo project entitled, "Forensic Eyes." The album is due to be released later this summer.

ImageThe "Forensic Eyes" CD consists of 13 tracks, includes songs such as "Applaud the Cause," which is about paying homage to one's ancestors, and the title track, "Forensic Eyes," about taking an introspective view into one's life. Antalyzah's mission in music is to push the envelope and break down barriers set by the standards hip hop follows, drawing from a range of influences that he incorporates within his music.  Antalyzah states, "Conscious hip hop focuses on social issues. It differs from political hip hop in that it is not necessarily overtly political, but still focuses on social issues and conflicts." The main themes of conscious hip hop includes spirituality, economic empowerment, and aversion to violence. Similar to Grandmaster Flash's (The Message) who was the first political and conscious hip hop track, decrying the poverty, violence, and dead-end lives of the Black youth of the time.

Antalyzah aspires to change the fact that the audience for conscious rap is largely underground and that "Conscious hip hop artists have not attained the same level of commercial success as mainstream hip-hop." He works continuously to be a catalyst for change.  Antalyzah  states "I don't care what I have to do to get my message out there people will hear it "loud and clear." Like he states in one of his verses, "I can really care less about a crowd applauding me/ cause the message and holy lessons will pierce hearts audibly."

He has done just that. Selling over 5,000 copies of his last album at concerts, festivals, and nightclubs, he plans to triple that for this album. The group Forensic Abolitionist have completed a video entitled "What Happened to the Kulture" and posted it on the web; it's very inspiring and many people have been touched by this piece of performance art.

Antahlyzah, is currently collaborating the opening of a spiritual center in the Inland Empire with Anthony Prior, author of "The Slave Side of Sunday." He also invites everyone to "Building Blocks" located in San Bernardino on Sunday night's where his long time friend Dj Ad-seg spins positive Hip-Hop in a peaceful environment.  In addition he is working with local artist, Derrick Dzine, on Palletry, a re-enactment of Dzine's artwork onstage.

For more information on Forensic Eyes, or to arrange an interview with Antalyzah, please contact him via email at ill_az_him@yahoo.com or http://profile.myspace.com/forensicabolitionist

Fatherhood Not Just For Men

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Organization Develops College Scholarship, Aides Homeless Youth


Terry Boykins
4Positive Knowledge, an organization involved in underwriting and promoting positive messages and programs geared to youth and parents, via its Street Style PositiveTM operation, recently formed a collaboration to undertake the issue of fatherhood.

Headed by Terry Boykins, founder, the effort involves various outreaches to address the major impact a father, or lack thereof, has on a person from childhood to adulthood.

One such outreach involved a May 19 Fatherhood Conference that was offered to both professionals and the general public.  While the public forum had great impact and offered significant dialogue, the professional session had to be cancelled due to low interest and attendance; much difficulty was had in getting social service agencies to provide support and training materials, programs and information targeted to fathers.  A line-up of the event's presenters and topics are available at the organization's website.

Having gained significant attention from the conference T-shirt entitled "Fatherhood: Live it.  Don't Leave it", Boykins is now offering them on line at www.streetpositive.com.  Of which, he says, will be a means to continue the campaign without having to rely heavily on other resources.  Moreover, he stated, a portion of the proceeds will be allocated to support college scholarships for homelessness youth and for those in transitional-living; Los Angeles, CA based Dream Center has been the recipient of 4Positive Knowledge's scholarship giving in the past.  The goal: 1MM "Fatherhood: Live it.  Don't Leave it" T-shirts. 

Boykins, also a father of two teenagers, says he has learned a great deal in the quest to increase awareness about the role and impact a father has not just in the home, but in a community.  "Over the past couple years, I have had the privilege of working (and learning) with Pamela Stewart, President, Positively Training!, Inc., about the social service aspects of children services, as well as, the co-parenting skills and techniques needed to raise an emotionally healthy child.  There is  a lot of work to done, in this country - and possibly around the world, when it comes to equipping men with the necessary tools it takes to be good fathers."

In a fun, but serious message, Street Style PositiveTM created the "Father's Day vs. Fatherhood Showdown" with a boxing match style to learn which one the public would most likely opt for.  Boykins says that the feedback has been both interesting and touching.

Bilingual Advisory Committee

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Rachel Clark
On April 7, 2005, the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters joined with community members and organizations to form the Bilingual Advisory Committee.  Since its establishment in 2005, the Committee has successfully accomplished the following:

  • Assisted in significantly increasing bilingual poll workers to over 900.
  • Improved bilingual signage at all polling locations.
  • Created a community organization list for outreach and poll worker recruitment purposes.
  • Developed and implemented a pilot program for high school voter registration.
  • Established Early Voting site at Cal State San Bernardino.

The current members of the Committee are:

  • Rachel Clark
  • Graciano Gomez
  • Fr. Patricio Guillen
  • Lou Herz
  • Maria Elena Kennedy
  • Linda Miranda
  • Gil Navarro
  • Esther Portillo
  • Dr. Lily Rivera
  • Dr. Tom Rivera
  • Jesus Segovia
  • Manuela Sosa
  • Randy Sosa
  • Registrar of Voters Administrative staff

For more information, please call the Registrar of Voters Office at (909) 387-8300.

SCE Proposes Nation’s First Full-Scale Assessment of Advanced Coal Technologies

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Edison International's (NYSE:EIX) electricity utility, Southern California Edison (SCE), today requested state regulatory approval to conduct the nation's first feasibility assessment of combining several advanced "clean" coal technologies, on a full commercial scale, in an effort to advance these emerging approaches to low-carbon generation. 

Elements SCE Proposes Combining for the First Time

  • A chemical process that captures as much as 90 percent of the carbon in domestic coal, the highest level targeted by a U.S. clean coal initiative;
  • Producing a mostly hydrogen fuel and emitting only 10 percent of the carbon released by an integrated gasification1 combined-cycle coal project without carbon capture;
  • Burning the hydrogen in a highly efficient, combined-cycle generating system;
  • Sequestering the carbon in a depleted oil formation to create enhanced oil recovery or in a deep saline formation; and
  • The use of these technologies in a full-scale, 600-megawatt (MW) commercial generating facility.

ImageThe advanced technologies in SCE's proposed study, an approach the utility calls Clean Hydrogen Power Generation (CHPG), are being considered or tested in clean coal projects elsewhere.  The SCE plan would be the first assessment of a full-scale, 600-MW facility using all of them.  It is an effort to advance the technology of low-emission power generation using coal, the nation's most secure, readily available, domestic fuel source.

"Edison believes that if California and the nation are to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants while increasing power supplies using domestic fuels, companies like ours must take the lead exploring the feasibility of these advanced technologies," said Edison International Chairman John Bryson.  "For a century, our company has supported the commercial development of promising new technologies."

SCE is seeking authorization to commit $52 million of revenues it collects from customer rates during a two-year period to an advanced technology feasibility study.  If approved, this would represent less than a quarter of one percent of current customer rates.

"This proposal is part of a larger strategy we advocate for reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions - increased purchases of renewable energy, increased support for energy efficiency, switching to cleaner transportation fuels, and investment in emerging clean generation technologies," said Bryson. 

How the CHPG Process Would Work

1. Coal and water enter a "gasifier" where the coal is converted to fuel gasses.

2. The gasses undergo additional processing to remove sulfur, mercury, and carbon dioxide resulting in very low-emission hydrogen fuel.

3. Carbon dioxide extracted during the process is sequestered in secure underground geologic formations.

4. The hydrogen is piped to gas turbines where electricity is generated.

5. Exhaust heat from the gas turbines is used to create steam and drive additional turbines, resulting in maximum power-generation efficiency. 

SCE's proposal rests on the Edison International tradition of investing in new technology development.  According to a Department of Energy report on very early experiments with clean coal technologies, "The first major use of coal gasification to generate electric power in the United States took place in the mid-1980s at Southern California Edison's experimental Cool Water demonstration plant near Barstow, California.  The 110-megawatt Cool Water plant established the early technical foundation for future Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle power plants."

Conversation with Ed Blakely

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Ed Blakely
He is an international disaster specialist and easily considered one of the foremost figures in urban, regional, and neighborhood planning.  The new Executive Director of the New Orleans Restoration Project, Dr. Edward Blakely is scheduled to appear on KVCR-TV on Friday, June 15th at 7:30 PM.  "A Conversation With..." will feature the prominent urban planner and host, Lillian Vasquez as she talks with Dr. Blakely about growing up in the Inland Empire, and his plans to rebuild New Orleans over the next few years.

Host, Lillian Vasquez of "A Conversation With..." interviews Dr. Blakely's aims to improve New Orleans by building smarter and not make the mistake of simply building over the faults that made Hurricane Katrina one of the most devastating natural disasters our country has ever experienced.  When it comes to his job, Dr. Blakely offers a drive to produce original ideas and go above and beyond what is expected of him.  His role in the recovery efforts has been very well received, and many New Orleans residents have high hopes that their home will be less susceptible to another major natural disaster.

He was born and raised in the Inland Empire and is just one of the prominent members of society that are coming out of our community.  Blakely was born in Colton, and educated in the San Bernardino, Dr. Blakely went on to accomplish great things in the world of urban planning.  He attended UC Riverside where he played quarterback for the university's football team.  Dr. Blakely holds several degrees including a doctorate from UCLA in Education and Management, and two master's degrees from UC Berkeley in Latin American History and, Pasadena Nazarene College in Organization Management.  He has since served on the board of directors of the American Planning Association, the Nature Conservancy, SE Corporation and Environmental Science Associates.  He was also appointed by President Clinton to the Presidio Trust in 1998-2000 and was directly involved in the recovery efforts for the San Francisco, Los Angeles earthquakes and the attacks on September 11th.  KVCR is proud to illuminate this native Inlander's accomplishments.

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