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Interstate 10 Westbound in Redlands Scheduled to Open – Completion of Eastbound Lanes Celebrated

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By Jane Dreher, SANBAG

Travelers on Interstate 10 in Redlands will receive an early holiday gift with the opening of a new westbound lane between Ford Street and Orange Street this month.

San Bernardino Associated Governments and Caltrans expect to open the new lane by the weekend of December 8th - weather permitting. The new eastbound lane opened to motorists on November 15, in time for the Thanksgiving traffic rush.

"It's exciting to see how well the opening of the new eastbound lane is working," said San Bernardino County Supervisor Dennis Hansberger, a Redlands resident. Hansberger said the new lane has eased the bottleneck from the freeway interchange with Route 210 (the former Route 30) and saves him about 15 minutes each day on his commute.

Hansberger and other elected officials spoke about the benefits of the project during a ribbon-cutting ceremony held November 29 in Redlands. The speakers agreed that the freeway widening would reduce traffic congestion for both commuters and freight movement.

"Interstate 10 is a trade corridor of national significance and the primary route for cargo headed from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to Arizona, the Gulf Coast and all the way to the East Coast," stated Congressman Jerry Lewis, whom had just returned from Washington, D.C. and attended the ceremony.

Participating in the I-10 Freeway expansion celebration were (l-r)  San Bernardino County Supervisor Dennis Hansberger, SANBAG President and Mayor of Barstow Lawrence Dale, Congressman Jerry Lewis, Assemblyman Bill Emmerson, Redlands Mayor Pro Tem Pat Gilbreath, Senator Bob Dutton, Caltrans Director Michael Perovich, Redlands Mayor Jon Harrison, Highland Mayor Ross Jones, and SANBAG Executive Director Deborah Barmack.

Other elected officials speaking at the event included Senator Bob Dutton,  Assemblyman Bill  Emmerson, Caltrans District 8 Director Michael Perovich, SANBAG President and Mayor of Barstow Lawrence Dale,  and Redlands Mayor Pro Tem Patricia Gilbreath .

Gilbreath praised the project as an excellent example of cooperative regional planning and support. The $46.5 million project was financed with $32 million in federal funds and $14.5 million in Measure I funds. Measure I is the voter-approved half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in San Bernardino County.  "This project demonstrates the support by local residents to tax themselves to fund necessary regional transportation improvements," Gilbreath said.

Before the westbound lane opens, construction crews will remove the concrete barriers that now line the roadway and will install sign structures.  They will restripe the lanes, on-ramps and off-ramps within this 2.5-mile section of freeway.

 The upcoming lane opening marks the near-end of the I-10 widening project, which started in November 2005. The project involved several stages of work:

  • Rehabilitating the shoulders on both sides of the freeway
  • Widening and strengthening 11 bridges
  • Paving the new lanes and building a concrete median barrier
  • Building walls to reduce sound for residents along the freeway corridor.

Landscaping work also is underway and will continue after the new lane opens to motorists. The landscaping plans call for Boston ivy, trumpet vines and a variety of other greenery to be planted to add color to the corridor and to deter graffiti.

This project is the second in a series of mobility improvements planned for San Bernardino County's East Valley. An eastbound truck-climbing lane between Redlands and Yucaipa was completed in mid-2005, and final design is underway now to add a westbound lane in this same area. Construction started in September to widen the Live Oak Canyon Road interchange in Yucaipa. In addition, preliminary engineering and environmental studies began this fall for the addition of carpool lanes on I-10 between Ontario and Redlands. SANBAG also is continuing environmental studies for the extension of passenger train service between San Bernardino and Redlands, with stations planned in downtown Redlands, the University of Redlands and other locations along the route.

"It is clear that SANBAG is continuing to deliver projects, and it's exciting to see how the I-10 widening project will help improve mobility for our residents and for the goods movement industry," said SANBAG Executive Director Deborah Barmack.

To read more about transportation projects and programs in San Bernardino County, visit the SANBAG website at:


American Legion Post 710 Honors Vets and POW’s

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Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod and Assemblymember Wilmer Amina Carter  spoke of the history of Veteran's Day recently at the Guy Wynton Morris American Legion Post 710 and thanked their servicemen for the contributions to the country.

Guy Winton Morris was a local veteran who went into the military (not sure but probably was drafted) He lived in the Westside His relative by marriage was the next door neighbor to Jack Hill one of the founders of the Post and an outstanding citizen. Morris served the South Pacific, became ill and died in a military hospital.

Al Hector, 1st Vice Commander, Senator Gloria McLeod, Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter, Commander Charles Love, and Dr. Willie Roberts, a founder of Post 710.

After WWII 1945-1946 they decided to form an American Legion Post. They needed a name and the family of Morris lobbied to have his name be used. Jack Hill who was new in town went along with the suggestion and the Guy Winton Morris American Legion Post 710.

James Guy was the only Black member of the American Legion Post 106 in Redlands; he volunteered to help the post get started. It was actually the one who got the ball rolling. Prior to that Blacks were not traditionally accepted in every group but Redlands accepted him.

Even the historically White American Legion Post 14 in San Bernardino was not open to Black members but helped in the establishment of Post 710.

"No event is complete without remember the POW's," said Commander Charles Love.

Other highlights were the presentation of colors and the recognition of the POW's.

Transportation agencies reach consensus on priority projects

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At a recent hearing held by Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter (D-Rialto), chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Inland Empire Transportation Issues, San Bernardino's regional transportation agency presented a consensus list of projects which will be submitted for Proposition 1B funding. 

The top five projects are: the I-15 and I-215 interchange project; the I-10 corridor projects, which involve rebuilding interchanges and widening overpasses at Citrus, Cherry and Riverside avenues; railroad grade separation projects in San Bernardino, Colton, Ontario, and Grand Terrace; the high desert corridor project and the State Route 58 highway expansion project.

"It has been a challenge to arrive at a consensus at times," said Mark Nuaimi, mayor of Fontana, who spoke at the hearing on October 31 in   San Bernardino. "But consensus has been reached; unity is needed. . . to help define the legislative agenda."

The hearing was attended by members of the Inland Empire Legislative Caucus, state and local officials, and community leaders. Elected officials came together to announce support for priority projects designated by SANBAG. To get the greatest amount of transportation bond money, projects must meet a defined list of criteria set forth by the state. 

Advocacy by state and local officials will also play a crucial role in obtaining funding for much-needed transportation improvements. "The administration must respect the priorities that regional agencies have listed instead of using a list that relies solely on statewide reports," Carter said. "It is my goal to support SANBAG's and RCTC's efforts during the project selection process and in the state budget process, when the Trade Corridors Improvement Fund will be allocated."

District 62 Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter, D-Rialto, chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Inland Empire Transportation Issues, presides over a transportation funding hearing in San Bernardino. The Oct. 31 hearing brought transportation agencies and elected officials together to  agree on the list of transportation projects that will be submitted for Proposition 1B funding, From left are State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, District 32, Francis Choi, legislative assistant to Assembly Member Carter,  Assembly Member Carter and Assembly Member Paul Cook, 56th District.  

"The Inland Empire is severely impacted by both pass-through freight and freight that remains within the region," San Bernardino County Supervisor Gary Ovitt, said at the hearing. He serves as vice president on the SANBAG board of directors.  "Eighty percent of the goods coming in from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach move through the Inland Empire. Southern California faces a disproportionate share of freight challenges in comparison to the rest of the state, and for that matter, the nation."

UCR Sets "Preview Day" for Oct. 27

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The University of California, Riverside will hold its annual Preview Day Saturday, Oct. 27. This is the all-day "open house" event for high school students, community college students, and their families to get an up-close-and-personal look at the growing UC campus.

Registration takes place at 8:30 a.m. that morning, but students are encouraged to make reservations in advance.

At Preview Day, students can learn about everything from the application filing process and financial aid to information about UC Riverside's three undergraduate colleges, 80 academic majors, 270 student organizations and special programs for non-traditional applicants such as home-schooled students. Visitors will also get a glimpse of several new facilities now being built or recently completed on campus, including the $54 million Student Commons which opened to the public just this past month.

UC Riverside has been earning praise in the press. The 2008 edition of The Princeton Review says that, "With its beautiful campus, excellent learning environment, and caring professors, UC Riverside now stacks up quite favorably against its more famous sisters in Berkeley and Los Angeles." The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that UC Riverside has, "a track record of helping its financially needy students succeed."

"We're extremely proud of these notices," said Merlyn Campos, the interim director of admissions. "UCR has grown dramatically in the past dozen years or so and we're still growing. But we've managed to retain that intimate small college feel that makes our students -- regardless of their background -- feel right at home."

Allyson Gee, a senior Honors student majoring in business, agrees with that assessment. "I came here because I wanted to get real world experience along with one-on-one interaction with faculty and teaching assistants." Gee added that once you find your niche, UCR, "doesn't feel like a large campus any more. It feels much more intimate."

San Bernardino Scholarship Association Hosts Golden Anniversary Celebration

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The San Bernardino Community Scholarship Association is celebrating its 50-year history of helping high school students realize their dreams of attending college.

The association will hold an invitation-only reception on Tuesday, October 23 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the San Bernardino County Government Center, located at 385 N. Arrowhead Avenue in San Bernardino.

Over the last five decades, the all-volunteer association has granted countless scholarships to students graduating from the San Bernardino City Unified School District.  Every year, the association awards scholarships to deserving students regardless of financial need.  Donations come from a variety of sources, from service clubs and high school alumni to local businesses and School District employees.

"This is a great way to help our deserving men and women develop their full potential at a college or university," said Delfina Bryant, a retired District administrator who is the association's president.  "I am proud of the fact that for 50 years, the scholarship association has helped local families with the rising costs of a college education."

District Superintendent Dr. Arturo Delgado also praised the association for making a difference in the San Bernardino and Highland communities.

"This is a very unique organization in that it coordinates with and supports local community organizations and individuals in their efforts to help our students achieve their college dreams," Delgado said. "I am thankful that there are people in our community with this kind of commitment to our students."

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