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Publishers Urged to Preserve Records

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By Makebra M.  Anderson
NNPA National Correspondent

No list of Black Press giants is  complete without the names of  John Russwurm and Samuel Cornish of Freedom Journal, the nation’s first Black newspaper; Philip Bell of the Colored American and San Francisco Elevator and Martin Delany, co-publisher with Frederick Douglass of the North Star.

Playboy Jazz ‘05 Mixes Musical Genres and Eclectic Shows

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By Taylor Jordan

Legends and lions will stir the potpourri of the jazz pot and offer an appetizing gourmet of diverse music for Playboy Jazz Festival’s 27th annual outing June 11 and 12 at the Hollywood Bowl.

Although jazz is still in its title, Playboy is really no longer a genuine jazz event in the exemplary tradition of Montreux, North Sea or Monterey.  It has evolved into a hybrid musical mix presenting stuff atypical of America’s classical creation and gift to the world of culture.

Anderson Communications Selects Celeste Jonson as New Host of Nationally Syndicated Radio Program-

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Atlanta, Georgia (February 28, 2005). Al Anderson, Chairman &
Founder of Anderson Communications, announced that noted motivational
speaker, author and corporate coach Celeste Jonson will be the new host of
its nationally syndicated radio program Focus o­n Women.  In making the
announcement Anderson stated, “Celeste will bring new energy as well as
considerable expertise to our efforts to provide vital information to
African American women via their favorite medium, Black radio. 

The Making of The New Village Centre

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By Jim Crandall

When shop owners, residents and visitors join together to celebrate the grand opening of Idyllwild’s new Village Centre complex o­n March 5 from 1 to 5 p.m., they will be celebrating more than just another commercial venture.

Fantasia’s “Baby Mama” drama

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Reprinted With Permission

By Adrienne Donnell
Showtime Editor
The Birmingham Times

“What I’m saying is as a young single mother, your life is not over because you have a child.  If anything, having Zion has helped push me to work harder, be a stronger woman, because I want her to have the best. I do feel that my life has not been a fairy tale but I am blessed that I have come through the everyday struggle.”- Fantasia Barrino

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