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Maybe Tomorrow

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By Ghost WRighter –

This is Ghost WRighter. In our last episode of “Maybe Tomorrow” a fierce battle was waged in the Inland Empire.  We saw the demented C.A. Demonicus licking his wounds at his over whelming defeat to The Judge. Since that time C.A. Demonicus, having been persuaded by his mindless minions called the Negatoids, decides to mount another ferocious attack upon The Judge and the kingdom of Berdoo.  Wherever he journeyed C.A.

Demonicus was constantly surrounded by his three loyal lackeys. The first lackey was Bitterina.

The second lackey who possessed split personalities was known as Dr.  Pouticus/Mr. Whine. The third lackey was the Malevolent Mistress Diarrhea from the land of Noise.

In his desire to expand the evil empire of Gloom-Doom C.A. Demonicus set out with his two of his three loyal lackeys to spread their vile message of despair and impending disaster.  First they descended upon a cathedral where there new recruit, “Z”, had a scheduled contest with Radioman. After persuading “Z” not to participate, they further infuriated the locals with bad attitudes and dubious actions.

Then they journeyed to the Home of Neighborly Service, where they proceeded to act very un-neighborly. At the Home, Bitterina was in rare form as she sparred with the Countess Marquezza.

Because of these confrontations ensuing conflicts erupted throughout the kingdom of Berdoo. Radioman went down to defeat at the hands of “Z” and his horde of fire breathing dragons.  With the help of her immense ground force the Countess Marquezza prevailed in an intense clash with Bitterina.

In the final battle for control of the kingdom of Berdoo C.A. Demonicus was last seen, once again, licking his wounds at his overwhelming defeat to The Judge after suffering a bitter beat down at the hands of the people.  There are still questions left to be resolved. Will “Z’ fall victim to the allure of the Dark Side? Will Dr.

Pouticus/Mr. Whine and the Malevolent Mistress Diarrhea flush there ideas down the toilet with the rest of their crap? Will the demented C.A.  Demonicus give up his foolish craving for power and control of the kingdom of Berdoo?

These questions and more will be answered in the further adventures of “Maybe Tomorrow.”

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