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My Seesaw Emotions on Michael Jackson

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Richard O. Jones
To begin with, I believe that Michael Jackson, the entertainer, is worthy of all the praise this world can bestow upon his memory.  Jackson was an entertainer with class that surpassed the tunnel vision and ghetto thinking of most musical artists. Among the many attributes that I admired about Michael Jackson, the artist, was his genuine love for children.

Jackson spent multimillions in an effort to bring joy to the lives of children all over the world.

According to the Make-a-Wish Foundation several hospitalized children, on their deathbed, asked to see Michael Jackson as their last wish. Jackson honored many such wishes as he could. I also admired Jackson because he did not lead any youth to crime, drugs, or a gangster lifestyle through his fashion or musical lyrics the way hundreds of other Black male artists of his generation did and still do. Jackson was not associated with violence or pretending to be a tough guy to get attention. Jackson encouraged greatness in youth of all races more than all of the others in his business during his lifetime.

Jackson holds numerous Guinness World Records including the most Grammy Awards won in a year, most hit singles in the UK charts in a year, best selling album of all time, longest span of No.1 hits by an R&B artist, best selling music video, highest annual earnings ever for a pop star, and most successful pop music family.

Guinness World Records also recognized Jackson as the most famous person alive on earth in 2006. Guinness awarded Jackson with an award for having the biggest selling album of all time, which was Thriller, of course.

Contrary to the pattern of the rap and hip-hop world, Jackson’s lyrics contained no profanity, derogatory racial, or misogynist terms. Michael Jackson deserves all the honor and fanfare as the world’s most talented artists and monuments around the world should be erected in his memory. The positive accomplishments of Jackson, the artist, are enough to fill a thick book. However, with that said, I have always harbored ambivalence about Michael Jackson, the man.  Michael Jacksons’ androgynous appearance caused me to question his judgment as a sane man.

Jackson also seemed to have suffered an allergy to Black women.

Jackson had having several affairs with well-known white women but never one reported romance with a Black female. He ultimately married two white women, a famous rich shapely blonde, and an overweight poor and unknown blonde.

According to his second wife none of the three white children Jackson claimed to be his were his biologically.  Jackson seemed to have undergone procedures to lighten his skin and narrow his nose.

Generally didn’t know if he was “Black or White,” which is the title of one of his hit songs. However, Jackson seemed to have had the bigger problem being Black.

Another reason that I am reserved with my applause for him as a man is the fact that Jackson reportedly paid multimillions to a family in the 90s to settle a child molestation charge. Then in 2003, in the heat of a new child molestation charges, he admitted on TV that he slept with young boys, though he beat the molestation charges. In conclusion, Michael Jackson, the man, falls short of my admiration; however, may Mr. Michael Jackson, the epitome of entertainment, rest in peace in the assurance that God is the judge, not me.


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