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Should America Go To War?

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Community Comments Around the Inland Empire

James Tate: It is of utmost importance that the American people support President Bush in his request to go to war with Iraq. It is imperative that The United States take out Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi’s before they become capable of taking out the United States. The handwriting is on the wall and we need to deal with Iraq by any means necessary. President Bush clearly highlighted Saddam Hussein's disrespect for mankind in his presentation to the United Nations.
I personally feel that history dictates that Iraq be eliminated. If you go back into the history of what is known as Iraq today, you will understand why Iraq must be destroyed.
America must take action now. We cannot afford to sit around for another 911 or wait for suicide bombings to take effect in our country.
I would like to know if the people who are opposed to war are willing to accept the blame when the next 911 happens or suicide bombings start in America. Where are the people who were raising the issue of what Bush knew before 911? Tom Daschle and the rest of the complainers need to put up or shut up.
President Bush is simply making the hard decisions that former presidents were not willing to make. Clinton had the opportunity to eliminate bin Laden, but he failed to do so.
The world would be a better place to live if we get rid of fanatics like Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Arafat and the rest of those fools.
Considering the fact that diplomatic solutions aren't working, our only options as far as I am concerned are to lay the groundwork for opposition forces or Nuke the bastard and call it a day. It is time for America to stand above the rest of the world and take our respect back, regardless of which countries are with us or not with us.

Garth Newberry: President Bush's rationale for the U.S. military to attack Iraq is unjustified and unfounded and if carried out would lead to further destabilization of the region and conjure more contempt for U.S. foreign policy. In his conquest to sway the public opinion in his favor, his administration has brewed false accusations to justify the attack.
I hope people will see through this smoke screen of propaganda that hides the real reason for President Bush wanting to do an urban renewal project on Iraq. Remember that Saddam's regime is the monster that was built by the U.S. to fight Iran. Now, our oil man from Texas would like to topple Saddam to get control of his country's oil resources to rely less on Saudi oil. I can't imagine how much President Bush's cut will be from that, maybe enough for him to buy two or three baseball franchises.

Tanya Humphery: Iraq has the capabilities to create weapons of mass destruction. Where is the evidence? It was the reported attack on a naval ship in the Gulf of Tonkin that garnered American support for the war in Vietnam. But remember, it was a lie. Are we really willing to go to war based on speculation, rumors and assumptions? Iraq has been bombed almost monthly for 13 years and hasn't shown the ability to throw a brick in its own defense. This nation has been blinded by its outrage of 9/11. President Bush's foreign policy is exploiting that rage.

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