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Eyes & Ears of Moreno Valley

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Dr. Frederick K. C. Price spoke about "THE WARFARE of THE BELIEVER." From Ephesians 6: 12, For  we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age (or world), against spiritual  hosts  (or wickedness), in high (or heavenly) places. These  are a few "Excerpts" from his book "THE WAY, THE WALK AND THE WARFARE OF THE BELIEVER." The  four basic ranks in satan's  kingdom  are: principalities, power, the ruler of darkness in high places. The most important and powerful of the four classes are the wicked spirits in high (or heavenly ) places. The second highest group is the rulers of darkness of  this   world. Often these two groups are power and principalities. Remember we are in a warfare.


Where Dreams Soar

Juanita Barnes
Last Friday, The MORENO VALLEY BLACK CHAMBER of COMMERCE held it's fifth annual awards banquet at the Moreno Valley Conference Center. The theme was "Minding Your Business  - Finding It's Worth." Linda Wright, president/CEO, said that a grand time was had by all. Linda and the Chamber wish to thank all who supported the event, all the calls, cards, e-mails, faxes and letters. The emcee was Akil Daodu, with Guest Speaker Mary Keller  Awards were given to: Anthony Fabelo,  Charitable and Humanitarian award, Valerie Maxwell, Professional Business Man of the Year, Vonzetta M. Fielding, Volunteer  of the Year, Edie Cooke, Volunteer of the Year, Tracy Smith, Community Service  Award and Life Stream (formerly know as The Blood Bank).  A Proclamation  from the City of Moreno Valley, letters from the Governor, Lieutenant  Governor, Black  Chamber of California and many more were given. The Moreno Valley Black Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank the faithfulness of the out going leaders: Jacqui Proctor Miller, Recording/Financial Secretary, Jerry L. Green Chairman of Moreno Valley Black Chamber, Samuel M. Deans, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation.

Saturday October 25, 2008 THE MAGIC TOUCH was the gathering place for the Mother's Ministry of Cathedral Of Praise luncheon. What a wonderful time that was had by all. The Residential Care Facility is a very nice place to have weddings, luncheons, meetings on the green. It is hidden away in the Perris area. Louise Tucker and staff are great taking care of the clients. For more information contact them (951) 657-3787.


Be Blessed


Endorsements ‘08

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Barack Obama                         President

Joe Biden                                Vice President

Bill Hedrick                              44th Congressional District

Joe Baca                                 43rd Congressional District

Tim Prince                              41st Congressional District

Wilmer Amina Carter               62nd Assembly District

Mary Figueroa   Riverside        Community College Board

Linnie Frank Bailey                  Riverside Community College Board

John Futch                             San Bernardino Community College Trustee Board

Louis Davis                             City of Corona Council

William H. Batey, ll                   City Council of Moreno Valley

Rita Rogers                              Perris City Council

Acquanetta Warren                Fontana City Council

Janice Rutherford                   Fontana City Council

Deborah Robertson               Mayor in Rialto

Dr. Amos Isaac                      Board in Area E

Kent Hernandez Taylor           Colton School Board

Barbara Chavez                    Fontana School Board

Walter Hawkins                    Rialto School Board

Corey Jackson                     Rialto School Board

Danny Tillman                     San Bernardino Board of Education

Judi Penman                       San Bernardino Board of Education

Damon Alexander                 San Bernardino Board of Education

Barbara McGee                     Rialto City Clerk


Prop. 1  High Speed Train Bond               Yes

Prop. 1A               Safe Rail                       Yes

Prop. 2 Treatment of Farm Animals          YES

Prop. 3 Children Hospital Bond               Yes

Prop. 4 Parental Notification                     YES

Prop. 5 Nonviolent Offenders                 NO

Prop. 6 Criminal Penalties                            NO

Prop. 7 Energy                                        NO

Prop. 8 Limit on Marriage                         YES

Prop. 9 Victims Rights                                 NO

Prop. 10 Alternative Fuel Vehicles              NO

Prop. 11 Redistricting                               NO

Prop. 12 Veterans Bond Act                     Yes

E-Mail Reaction To "Obama Bucks”

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What Have We Become?

Chris as a white conservative I don't always agree with your point on stories in the Black Voice News. But I respect your work and objectivity. I trust you will use this opportunity and the shameful attacks on Obama to help our young people in particular understand the deep hurt and division that racism and ignorance causes. May God give you continued strength and voice. Posted by GBC at 5:25 pm October 17, 2008


I hope the Black Voice News will print this madness and expose this group and the Republicans for what they are. They are not the party of Lincoln. They have been hijacked by morons. The world needs to know just what Black people are forced to endure everyday. Posted by JCM 4:45 pm October 17


What a liar.

Posted by m at 4:38 pm Oct 17, 2008


I have read some of the comments and to the ones that are using the words ignorant/ignorance are wrong. Those words mean not knowing. This lady and her group knew what they were putting out there. So the proper word to use for them is STUPID!!!!! Posted by ODM at 4:29 pm Oct 17, 2008

Get Over It

Please this has been blown out of proportion. Obama and the dump Dems knew what they were in for when they nominated him.  Go back to Africa if you can't accept the truth. Posted by Glad at 3:28 pm Oct 17, 2008

Warren Is A Screaming Idiot

How can a Black person be a part of such an organization? Just goes to show we are still a nation of confused gatekeepers.  I hope the Black Voice shows them up for what they really are. Posted by KT at 3:12 pm October 17, 2008

Proud to be a Dem.

Republicans are collapsing under the weight their own arrogance and moronic antics....although I'll be the last to stop them! Posted by Dem at 2:39 pm Oct 17, 2008

Shamed To Be Called A Republican

Ms. Levister thank you for the great story on RCC. As a recent graduate I was not aware that the board never had a Black member. Glad you put the spotlight on this ugly history. So much for all the talk about diversity. Ms. Figueroa and other members of the board have fallen a notch in my opinion. As for the Obama Bucks. This kind of bigotry is shameful but unfortunately I'm not surprised. I hope the Black Voice News will continue to speak out for the people. Posted by VTR at 2:31 pm October 17, 2008

I Am No Longer An Independent

I just got off the fence. The Republicans have lost their way. I hope your newspaper will continue to expose this. But sadly many won't hear the call. Posted by Jack at 2:29 pm October 17, 2008 

REPENT !!!!!!!!

The time for throwing rocks and hiding your hands and saying did I do that is over. This is the kind of behavior that keep Blacks and whites divided in this country. She needs to repent, but that cannot happen unless you've realize you're done something wrong. This could be a problem. JESUS HELP US !!! Posted by TRUEVOICE at 2:27p.m. Oct 17, 08 at 2:26 pm Oct 17, 2008

Crazy Stuff

Hispanics feel the same way when made fun of, but that doesn't seem to stop people because we're all lumped together as ILLEGALS! Posted by MONICA at 2:14 pm Oct 17, 2008

The Reps Got Caught

Now that this story has been played on national TV. The local Republicans are ducking for cover saying gee we didn't know - that's B.S. They're all liars. Out them all Black Voice. Posted by Carl at 1:56 pm, October 17 2008

And You Are Surprised?

There is a lot all of us can say about the anger we all feel. But the worst thing is those two Black women will remain members of that group and put up with such insults. Posted by John at 1:48 pm Oct 17, 2008

Yummy more stuff for Blacks like you to whine about The truth hurts. Print that! Posted by Neo at 1:22 pm October 17, 2008


This is the reason why this country is not ready for an Afro American president there is still much racism in the country  Posted by nacho at 1:17 pm Oct 17, 2008


This is what's wrong with America. people don't think before they act... Caught red handed she is. just accept the fact. Posted by asian south east at 11:53 am Oct 17, 2008

Really Castle?

Please let us know how Sarah Palin has been so injured? Was she put on money with a cross, a Klan hood, A burning church, and a Swastika? Did they make monkey dolls with her name on it? Did they shout "terrorist" and "kill her" at rallies? Because then there's an equal link.  Posted by Stop Making Excuses at 11:03 am Oct 17, 2008


I am a white Republican woman. I think that was the most disgraceful thing I have ever seen. Being a Republican has nothing to do with being a racist and I hope to all who read this, Don't judge us all by what one ignorant Republican woman says. We do not share her views. Posted by Lisa at 11:00 am Oct 17, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

Just food? It just so happened that the food was all stereotypical items attributed to African Americans. There's no excuse for this. Posted by Nic at 10:57 am Oct 17, 2008

True Colors

Pretty scary to think these are the type of people supporting McCain. I certainly won't. Posted by Dean at 10:48 am Oct 17, 2008


You have got to be kidding me. "It was just food to me", she is either a complete idiot or believes that every one else is stupid enough to believe that comment. Shame on her, she is a PERFECT example of what is wrong with the Republican party. Posted by Michigan Gal at 10:43 am Oct 17, 2008


May God please forgive you for bringing your Klan mentality to the Republican Party. If I were a Republican I would be ashamed and appalled at the very least. Just like many of the other comments written about this article - it is safer to face a racist when they don't hide behind the "it wasn't racist to me." Come on Ms. President and join everyone else in this century. You should be evicted from the party, state of CA, and the human race. Posted by Very Discouraged at 10:13 am Oct 17, 2008

Full Of It

As a Black-American, I'm not surprised by this at all. Pretty much expected behavior from such a group as this! Posted by Taffy Lewis at 9:57 am Oct 17, 2008


Stupid is, is what stupid does. Posted by Sandy at 9:30 am Oct 17, 2008

Just Food Huh?

If it were just food to her why didn't she surround him with grilled salmon, asparagus, and arugula greens?  Posted by Outraged in GA at 9:22 am Oct 17, 2008




Keep on conserving the old racist attacks conservatives. Posted by Willie at 7:45 am Oct 17, 2008

Just An Opinion

Fedele told the newspaper. "I absolutely apologize to anyone who was offended. That clearly wasn't my attempt." Come on Lady...you precisely knew what you were putting out. Stop the ignorance and be realistic for once. You really think that will gain you points in the McCain race. Apologies are too late to be said...what is done is done. Food is food...yeah yeah!!! and cristicism is criticism...know the difference before you make such remarks. You women should be ashame of yourselves. May God be with you all. Posted by Mama at 3:26 am Oct 17, 2008

The Arrogance Of European “Classics”

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Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.
The arrogance of European classics concerns the world-wide delusions they create in everybody involved. A way of reversing delusions is to discover how and why they came about and then reversing the process. To give a personal example, the Western Philosophy taught in my sophomore year at the University of Michigan made no sense. First, by them using the "sink or swim" approach and starting somewhere near the middle of the onset of Western philosophy; by making no attempt to explain the "big picture" of how philosophy fit into my life; and by my inability to see how what White males thought about life had relevance to my life meant that I was lost on the first day of class; had no curiosity related to it; and lacked any desire to learn about it. Second, in contrast to having been reared as a boy inside an all-Black community where the Spiritual and the Subjective were dominant, neither were mentioned in my philosophy class. This kept me from getting "grounded" in or even oriented to the subject. There was no "common ground" whereby the instructor and I could start off together with the same understanding and proceed in the same direction. Third, the instructor sprinkled big words throughout philosophical discussions--words either undefined or poorly defined-words for which I could not get answers in dictionaries or in the text. Fourth, since Europeans avoid focusing on synthesis, their philosophy lacked a meaningful conclusion and no evolving "higher level" thoughts.

In subsequent years and when researching all types of subjects, some of the big words used in my college philosophy classes appeared and showed themselves to be empty-- facades-having no significant substance behind them. This discovery relieved me from feeling that there was something wrong with me from not being able to understand what my instructors were saying. My sense of: "They know but I don't," was replaced with: "They do not know what they are talking about and simply display themselves as pseudo-intellectuals." From having researched hundreds of words and topics per year, I concluded that European "authorities" and "experts" were grossly deficient-and more often wrong-- in every subject I investigated. Answers as to why such an arrogant presentation came when I studied Classism of the ancient Greeks.

Classism originated in a school that had devised a set of arbitrary, concretely detailed rules purporting to represent the final and absolute criteria of aesthetic value. Think about that! Its approach was to transform abstract principles into concrete prescriptions and to replace creation with imitation. Yet, the Classicists' proponents had no sound answer as to why their rules or reasons were to be accepted as valid. Their justification included the usual appeal to tradition; to scholarship; to the prestige of antiquity; and more importantly "because I said so!!" Nevertheless and amazingly, Classism was regarded as the representative of Reason. In its evolution Classism increasingly favored an individual or group based on their societal rank while discriminating against outsiders-a process that extended into Racism, Sexism, and similar "isms." Despite generating social dissention, social climbers still aspired to join so as to belong to such a prestigious prejudicial group. By recently "flip-flopping" (so as to conform to "political correctness"), Classism now has the "nerve" to accuse a person or institution of gross insensitivity toward minorities. Yet secretly and hypocritically, its original racist/sexist mindset continues to be subtly culturally transmitted. Hence, prejudice remains at a repressed level and shows without the person's awareness. This carries over into Europeans' educational course selections and teaching methods which are forced on all non-Europeans indirectly via the "Gun.'

 website: www.jablifeskills.com

Joseph A. Bailey, II, M.D.

The Nagging Effect: Corporations Manipulate Sales Through The Nagging Of Your Kids

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Richard O. Jones
As the holidays nears, the corporations' huddle in conspiracy to relieve us of our last measly few dollars. The feat will be more difficult this year because of the financial crisis. This year more than ever the corporation will turn up the volume of the "Nagging Effect." Studies show that children nagging spurs about a third of a family's trips to a fast-food restaurant, to buy children's clothing, toys, electronic gadgets, and certain videos but seldom, if ever, genuine academic material not infused with a game of some sort. The "Nagging Effect" works by the child nagging or whining until they get what they want.

Nagging falls into two categories. There is persistent nagging, the fall-on-the-floor kind, and there is importance nagging, where a kid can talk about the importance of getting a certain product. Either is a good first step. But alone they are not enough. Marketing strategists agree that getting kids to whine or throw a public tantrum is even better. Better yet is to give them a specific reason to ask for the product, for example; "everybody else has "one" and without "one" I'm a nobody."

Name something that you do not want your kids to have, and the chances there are marketing experts trying to entice your kids into wanting it such as unhealthy yummy treats in cereal boxes disguised as breakfast food, and junk food at kid targeted restaurants where your children are lured by clowns, large friendly rodents, toys in the bag, and amusement park fun. They're also selling you soft porn videos, profanity-laced gangsta rap, World Wrestling Federation toys, South Park, and so forth for your children through the nagging effect. The big challenge is: Teaching our children and ourselves to resist this commercial onslaught.

There's been a shift in the predominant way our society thinks of children. Not long ago we considered children vulnerable beings to be nurtured. However, today we increasingly see kids through an economic lens. In our business culture, children are viewed as an economic resource to be exploited, just like cotton, tobacco, or timber.

James U. McNeal, a professor of marketing at Texas A&M, is perhaps the foremost expert on selling to children. According to an article online by writer Gary Ruskin entitled, "Why They Whine: How Corporation Prey on Your Children," James U. McNeal is the elder statesman advocating this shift in our thinking from viewing children as trusting, impressionable humans to be protected to seeing children "as economic resources to be mined." His emotional response to this contrast isn't in the childs' best interest. McNeal sees the money in your kids, and helps corporations get access to it: "Children are the brightest star in the consumer constellation," he writes. 

McNeal divides the booming kiddie market into three parts. There¹s the "primary" market ­ the $24.4 billion each year that kids directly control and spend. There¹s the "influence" market, perhaps as high as $300 billion, the amount of parental spending that children can directly or indirectly influence. And there¹s the "future" market, which is the purchasing that children will do for the rest of their lives.

"Virtually every consumer-goods industry, from airlines to zinnia-seed sellers, targets kids as nagging agents and their parent's money is the prize," McNeal enthuses.

Children are taught early in life, through corporations and their parents' endorsement, that their good self-esteem is in the products that they own and this thinking must be stopped.

Email: richardojones1@verizon.net

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