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The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: The Story of What America Once Was

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By Hugh B. Price
President, National Urban League

Abraham Lincoln famously said that America could not exist half-slave and half-free.
But for nearly a century after his assassination America’s White majority tried mightily and to the smallest degree to prove him wrong.

Admission Application Suggestions (Part VIII)

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Interviewers on admission committees will assess the broadness of your familiarity with world events – hence the importance of listening to the news as you are driving and at least glance at the daily headlines of newspapers.

Where Have All The Jobs Gone?

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By Timothy Sandefur

I once worked for less than minimum wage. I needed the money, and the work wasn’t hard, so I took the job. I thought that I had the right to do what I wanted with my own labor.

Black Voice News Reader Responds to “Our Bodies” Column

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Addie W. Brown, Ph.D.
Los Angeles

After reading “Race at the Bedside,” a response to a question posed to Dr. Levister (September 5), I found it unabashedly sickening (no pun intended) to learn that for us African Americans, there is incessant struggle with form after form of present day racial profiling, all of which is detrimental to our day-to-day physical, mental and spiritual functioning.

Admission Application Suggestions (Part VII)

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Education is great freedom! Education that prepares you for a profession is greater freedom!! Education that allows you to thrive and stay out of trouble is the greatest freedom!!!

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