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Blackonomics: 'Use Me ’Til You Use Me Up'

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By James Clingman

Why are some of our brothers and sisters so eager to allow themselves to be used by the establishment to make the rest of us believe everything is just fine for Black folks?

Admission Application Suggestions (Part XIII)

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Suggestions for Persuading People can only give ideas about how to start. The best starting point is to understand your audience’s system of values.

Number of Poor Children in America Rises for the 1st Time in Eight Years

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Leave No Child Behind

By Marian Wright Edelman

For the first time in eight years the number of American children living below the poverty line has increased, according to data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.

BVN Readers: What’s On Your Mind?

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For quite some time, I have been extremely concerned about the status of this country and have wondered why it seems America’s leaders are not as concerned and are much more focused on the status of Iraq and a potentially ensuing war.

In Indonesia and America: Agents of Barbarism

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By Hugh B. Price
President, National Urban League

At first glance it seems despicably profane to associate the evil murderous rampage of the unidentified sniper terrorizing metropolitan Washington and the monstrous terror bombing in Bali, Indonesia with the courageous literate humanity Imre Kertesz, this year’s Nobel Laureate in Literature, has practiced all his life.
And I do not.

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