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Admission Application Suggestions (Part XXI)

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“Just before” agreeing to go to a professional school, it is far better to back out if you decide that career is not best for you.

It’s Time to Recover Our Political and Citizen Common Sense for Our Children’s Sake

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By Marian Wright Edelman

When I hold my first grandchild, my heart swells with love and renewed determination to pass on a world safer and more fit for her and every child.

Admission Application Suggestions (Part XX)

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Equally as important as the right institution choosing you is that you choose the right institution.

What's the Deal with Republicans and the Confederacy?

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By Donna J. Warren

Here's what we think we know:
We think we know that Republicans regained power in the late 20th Century because many Whites deserted the Democratic Party for backing integration and civil rights.

Admission Application Suggestions (Part XIX)

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A sharply developed and trusted “sixth sense” is a helpful tool for Black youth desiring to be successful in a highly competitive marketplace.

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