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President Bush: Just Stop It!

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By Rep. Maxine Waters


President Bush must stop strangling our nation by implementing short-sighted, ineffectual programs that benefit his friends and are intended to get him re-elected in 2004.

Arab Americans must do more to fight racism against African Americans

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By Ray Hanania

If September 11th did anything to me as an Arab American, it helped me better understand the experiences of African Americans and other people of color in this country.

Your Purpose Requires Vision

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College students uncertain of their major lack a definite Purpose In Life. The process for finding “purpose” is to become intimate with your Highest Self -- your spiritual self -- that mental state which is beyond all desires for material things; beyond all revenge, meanness, pettiness, blame, and criticism; beyond all self doubt, self-mistrust, cowardice, and negative self-talk.

Millions of Children Left Behind in Bush Tax Proposal

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By Marian Wright Edelman

Child Tax Credit Plan Leaves Out Nearly Half of All Black and Latino Children. The Children's Defense Fund today released an analysis showing that millions of parents working hard to support their children on low wages will not get any help from speeding up the child tax credit proposed by the Bush Administration.

Should Government Run Churches . . . or Schools?

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By Scott McPherson

What if government ran our churches? Imagine the spectacle. If the government were in charge of religion, there would be just one for everyone.

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