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Voices From the Affirmative Action Front

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By Hugh B. Price
President, National Urban League

For nearly four decades opponents of affirmative action have painted those of us who favor it as, at best, misguided do-gooders.

Ushering A New Era of American Broadcasting

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By Willie E. Gary
CEO & Chairman of the MBC Network

In 1864, just months before the abolishment of slavery, America’s first Black daily newspaper was published. This progressive experiment, and subsequent media effort geared toward the African American experience, would change the world’s view of the struggle for civil rights and social justice.

The Spread of African Writing Tools

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The priests of Egypt did exceptionally artistic hieroglyphic (“sacred”) writings in “The Book of the Dead.” One, for example, depicts the deceased making a confession to Thoth the scribe-god; in another, the deceased talks to his cat in the spiritual world.

Affirmative Action’s Invisible People

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By Lee A. Daniels
Director of Publications
National Urban League

I spent part of the weekend with a large group of some of America’s most invisible people.

Hunger and Homelessness: The Real Homeland Security Issues

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By Marian Wright Edelman

The U.S. Conference of Mayors released its 18th annual “Status Report on Hunger and Homelessness in America’s Cities.” The mayors’ report was an urgent reminder of how many families are struggling mightily to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

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