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The Purpose of Expression

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Some people, in writing just for themselves, have a great way of expressing beautiful feelings, of letting off steam, or of seeing what is on their minds.

Anti-War, Affirmative Action Movements: To What End?

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By Ron Walters

It is just possible that come 2004 George Bush will no longer be in the White House? It looks more and more like he will.

Feds Promote Prison Racial Disparities

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By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

For decades federal prisons were repositories for a relatively small number of mostly White, middle-class white-collar embezzlers, tax cheats, racketeers, and swindlers. But that has changed. According to the latest Justice Department report on America’s prison population, for the first time the federal government now locks up more prisoners than any state. A significant number of those behind federal bars are young Blacks and Latinos.

Blacks’ D.C. Emancipation Day

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Most people believe the oldest known slave freeing celebration is Juneteenth (June 19, 1865). However, it is predated by the District of Columbia Slave Emancipation. This story begins at least in 1816 when Congress began receiving petitions demanding an end to slavery in the nation’s capital -- a time when it was a major slave trade center. Congress put a “gag rule” on the petitions until 1844, refusing to hear them.

The Legacy of Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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By Robert B. Hill
[Guest Columnist]

Robert B. Hill, a former director of research at the National Urban League, is Senior Researcher at Westat, Inc., a research firm in Rockville, Maryland.

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