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America’s Domestic Time Bomb

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By Milton J. Little, Jr.
Interim President and CEO
National Urban League

Amid the momentous developments in Iraq, and the media’s focus on the war, there occurred last week in this country a seemingly mundane event—the release of a government report—that caught one’s attention like the dull thud of bombs going off in the far distance.

The Bush Administration’s Budget War on Poor Children:Target—Medicaid

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By Marian Wright Edelman

In a recent Child Watch column, I wrote about the Bush Administration’s assault on Head Start in their 2004 Budget. But Head Start is just one front in this budget’s war on poor children. Another of this budget’s radical proposals gives states unprecedented latitude to scale back coverage of vital health care for children and to impose substantial cost-sharing requirements that could restrict children’s access to needed health care.

Why Learn “Proper” English? (Part I)

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For you young athletes who decide to live life your way and by-pass learning “proper” English, let us look at Michael Irvin’s story -- a superstar wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.

Back to the Future: The Development Revolution

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By Hugh B. Price
National Urban League

April 11th marks my last day at the helm of the National Urban League. It’s been an exhilarating nine-year run. So this is my final “To Be Equal” column.

The Business of War: Rebuilding Iraq

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By Rep. Maxine Waters

There is much concern among Americans about who will rebuild post-war Iraq and how contracts will be awarded.

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