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Voices From the Community

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Black Firefighters

Cities and counties hire who they want to hire. They find a way to locate, recruit, hire, train, and retain the people that they want in city and county positions. Department heads will carry out the wishes of management. (It is called CYA).

Parts of Speech (Part I)

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One of my annoyances in school was the teacher's use of some word very familiar to him/her (e.g. "write an essay on...") and yet the teacher nor the text book defined what that key word (e.g. "essay") meant.

Save America’s Safety Net

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By Milton J. Little, Jr.
Interim President and CEO
National Urban League

It might seem peculiar now, as spring finally arrives in the Northeast, to be thinking of Charles Dickens’ popular winter holiday tale, A Christmas Carol.

Children's Needs . . . Ignored as Congress Passes Unjust Budget Resolution

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By Marian Wright Edelman

Over the past several weeks, hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans have been calling, e-mailing, and visiting their members of Congress to urge them to vote NO on a budget resolution that will leave no millionaire but millions of children behind.

Introduction to Grammar

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During Shakespeare’s time scholarly men of letters were considered those who were cultured in the literary beauty, style, and thought of their day. These finer forms of created literature were called “belle-letters.”

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